By iet_Wyrda - 04/10/2013 23:00 - France - Verneuil-sur-seine

Today, my dog tore up a single book from the dozens within his reach. That book was titled "How to Train Your Dog". FML
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Your dog saw it coming :o

Maybe your dog has decided to follow his dream of becoming a book critic.


Your dog saw it coming :o

Smart dog! :)

michaelaranda 28

im sure op laughed at the irony

Lmfao! Don't let go literate dogs are hard to find

FIRST and ooh the irony

tbabyfosho 7

Looks like you should have read it a little sooner OP. haha just joking...but how ironic though huh??

You do not have enough badges to train me!

deepunder 17

Is that a pokemon reference iAlissa? If so, that was good. If not, it's still good, just unintentionally.

It was a Pokemon reference, actually. :D

Well you can always google.

With Google, OP can search "Why is my dog a wizard?" Just type in "why" and it Gould be the first result. Freakin' wizard dogs.

should* instead of Gould. Gould sounds like a fun word to say though...

Maybe your dog has decided to follow his dream of becoming a book critic.

It seems his first review was pretty straightforward. lol

Rainhawk94 27

lol the dog is showing its.dominance

xzxXxzx 11

I can't take a guy with a snorlax profile photo seriously..

And I can't take someone with an eye for a profile picture seriously. Yay two way streets.

Dog is God backwards, I'm telling you, dogs are pretty damn clever. Or is that God...?

slickchrome 11

get out

Dawnstempest 17

No no, get in... Into my van that is.

slickchrome 11

got milk?

This thread is just full of fail...

In what way was anything on this thread necessary?

slickchrome 11

come at me bro!

I think he has already been trained :)

Maybe put the book out of reach?

ilytyvm 25

it's a little late for that...

Imhere4fml 24

Not if she gets another one.