By Chicketi - 11/02/2009 14:45 - Canada

Today, I cut myself on a band-aid box, while trying to get one out for another cut. FML
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that's ironic it's almost like choking on a life saver

captn_fml 0

It's all a marketing scheme..


greatbelow 0

God hates you.

chill the fuck out no.6 it's actually a funny story, sounds like you were beaten as a child. boo fucking hoo.

sounds like the story of my life.

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ninja7117 0

loling at ur lolz

voguegirl4 0

haha this one made my day

suckstobeyou3 0

I don't know why this was so funny, but I can't breathe and my side really hurts xD

Belief_fml 0

There's no more convenient time.

bubblybrooke 12

I would SO do that...I probly have at some point, or something similar. this honestly made my day ;)

Kelsega2010 0

woowwww. i saw this same story on MLIA. have you realized that a lot of these stories could be on MLIA if the people wernt such babies about the situation?