By Anonymous - United States
Today, I decided to snack on some MandM's. I saw my dog sniffing something and realized one of my MandM's had fallen on the floor. To prevent my dog from eating the chocolate, I hurriedly snatched the MandM off the ground and ate it. When I bit down, I realized it wasn't an MandM. It was a dead beetle. FML
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  kianaaa32  |  17

You do know that only dark chocolate is poisonous right? And only if consumed in a great amount, my dogs have gotten into plenty of chocolates in their life time and are still alive, even dark chocolate.

By  AK  |  2

#2 stole the words out of my mouth. You're a complete idiot.

By  Wonka_fml  |  0

Were you the one that dropped a pill on the floor, picked it up and took the pill. Then found out the next day that the pill you were suppose to take was still on the floor? You took something else?

People don't look at what they eat anymore?