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By Anonymous - 02/03/2013 00:54 - United States

Today, I noticed my dog chewing on something while on the couch. It looked like a wash rag of some sort, so I grabbed it from my dog. It wasn't until after I picked it up that I noticed it wasn't a wash rag. It was a small, dead bird. FML
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Therewhenneeded 16

Oh dear...been there, done that. My sympathies.


Therewhenneeded 16

Oh dear...been there, done that. My sympathies.

It happens to my friend all the time. So she cut down the huge tree she had in her backyard and no dead birds have been dragged in, by her dogs.

RpiesSPIES 27

#1 Empathy is the word you wanted. Don't mean to sound like a grammar Nazi, but the sooner you distinguish the two words the better :)

I think they both work fine, and I know it's hard to have a valid "opinion" about something like definitions, but that's my opinion :)

Seriously the dog needs to get his role right! He's supposed to protect the bird from evil sylvester and Tom... Jerry is probably heart broken his pal has been eaten.

BunchieRules 31

What disturbs me the most is that he mutilated it to the point where you couldn't even tell what it was at first.

The dog is a predatory animal, please tell me that no one is surprised that it is following it's nature. I know it's not fun to deal with, but it goes with the territory.

I'm not surprised at all, our dogs are great mouse hunters, usually they'll eat them or take them outside, sometimes they'll leave it on the floor though, that is disgusting!!

Dogs have instincts that have helped them to survive in the wilds. I don't think that you can ever completely train that out of animals.

Let's face it, very very few of us can train those instincts out of ourselves. It's pretty damn arrogant to think that we'd have better luck with other animals.

I know right. I found myself clubbing my man over the head today then dragging him into the bushes for some sex! Poor mans still looking dazed...

Dogs have always eaten birds or chased birds. It's just their instincts.