Chocolate chip

By Anonymous - 29/11/2019 14:00

Today, I was eating chocolate chip cookies around the house and saw a chocolate chip on the floor. Not wanting my dog to eat it, given that chocolate is poisonous for dogs, I swiped it up with my finger and put it to my mouth. It was then that I realized it was a stub of my dog's poop. FML
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bl3ur0z3 17


bl3ur0z3 17

You’re disgusting...You should’ve just cleaned it up...

Sady_Ct 37

Don’t eat shit off the floor! YTDI

Chocolate is not good for dogs but it is not poisonous.

Depends on type, amount consumed, and weight of the dog. But in no world is a tiny piece of semi sweet milk chocolate going to kill a dog on its own. Pet MD even has a chocolate toxicity meter. I get the thought process though. I don’t get eating off of the floor with pets though. Even if I just washed them with bleach.

mooshake 15

Wow, you really did deserve this one.

Matthew Irmen 11