By Anonymous - 10/02/2016 18:36 - United States - Milford

Today, instead of reaching for some unhealthy food, I tried to eat some dates instead. It was all fine until I bit one in half and saw a rather large, squirming maggot inside. FML
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'Out of DATE' get it? Cause they're dates... I am so sorry ;-;


'Out of DATE' get it? Cause they're dates... I am so sorry ;-;

Lol. When youre eating dates you should ALWAYS open them first to make sure theres no maggots or bugs inside, sometimes they look like tiny bunched up black seeds or dots, dont eat those!!

So they were sitting for that long... Lol

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this is almost as overused as the "sounds like a shitty situation" pun

I don't know what's worse, eating a date or eating a maggot. FYL

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If the date is sweet it isn't so bad :p

As disgusting as that might be, don't let it discourage you from eating healthy foods! I mean, if they're organic, you can't expect never to find an insect once in a great while. That probably doesn't help you, haha.

On top of that, processed foods like peanut butter Ann chocolate, all contain a small amount of insect parts. I know it's different when you can actually see it squirming, but still.

see now there are no bug parts in unhealthy food. This wouldn't have happened if you stuck to junk and fast food. Bugs won't eat em ;-) hahaha

I'm cool with the fact there are little bugs that are hiding in my raspberries, as they seem to just run around after I've rinsed the raspberries. Maggots though... nope.

At least you didn't find half of a big squirming maggot...

Better than finding half of a maggot!!

I don't think maggots are protein, or at least not the time of protein I want in my body

#30, if they aren't protein, what are they? Insects, and their maggots, are a staple in many areas of the world where large animal protein is scarce.

Yeah, maggots are actually eaten in many parts of the world. They're fatty and an excellent source for amino acids.

that's why I prefer junk food-- cough dates are gross cough

Dates aren't healthy. They are just dried sugar bombs.

All fruit has a bunch of sugar in it, but it's natural sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup,