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Today, I decided to get back into shape and go for a run. With a 1/4 mile left to run, I saw a hot chick a block ahead of me running. Trying to show off I ran hard and passed her stopping just outside my complex. I started to throw up right as she came past me because I had run so hard to pass her. FML
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a lot of really good runners throw up from running because they exert themselves too much. I'm not saying that's what happened to the OP, but throwing up from running doesn't mean you're not in shape.


Haha, very true. I used to be a state level sprinter and I'd usually have a good yak after a run. Its not a fitness indicator, just means exercising too much and not getting enough oxygen makes you start anaerobically respiring and creating so much lactic acid that your body thinks its poisoned = puke :)

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um 76, since I'm guessing op wasn't a good runner ( considering he said he was out of shape) I don't think he threw up be cause he was a great runner pushing him self to the limit. I think he threw up cause he was put of shape


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