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Today, I found out that my father, who is divorced from my mother, has set up a lawsuit against her and that I am required to go to court and testify against her as a witness. I've tried to keep neutral for six years, and I'll go to jail if I don't show up. FML
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ouch. Just say you're staying neutral in the court

Despite the OP having no control over the situation, there are still YDI votes...


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CAPS LOCK FOR THE LOSE. seriously, nobody likes caps lock. Anyways, that really sucks if it is true, but I'm pretty sure you're not required to testify. You should ask your mother's attorney.

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MrHighlight 0 What did you do then? Shoot them in the back of the head, steal their money and rent an appartment?

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You don't need to be such a prick, there is nothing wrong with keeping a relationship with your parents.

to #48, hope you enjoy the **** of satan :)

You are never, and I repeat, NEVER, required to testify. If you can't figure it out yourself, hire a lawyer to get you out of it, but you don't have to if you don't want to. I am 99% sure that you could get out of it based on what you told us.

you live in america read the constitution/bill of rights / haiwaii state constitution like 119 said you don't have to testify and if you do show up then "plead the 5th" kinda

THe fifth amendment only protects you from having to testify against yourself. They can still subpoena you to testify against anyone else except your spouse (marital privilege).

You need a lawyer. Get one, and do exactly what they say. Also, don't get one with the help of your mother. Yours needs to be independent from her counsel. Also, check out , where you can get free 1600 microsoft point cards, games, and other video game stuff.

# 141 is correct. the OP MUST show up in court or face jail time or fines. and to blink182rocks - shut your mouth. on every FML all you do is post stupid comments. figures a blink182 fan would be so stupid...

#48; why do you waste your OWN time reading what you think are lies?

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I'm sure they've asked the attorney. But I guess it doesn't matter about being neutral anymore, because his dad's a dick.

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u can be subpoena and that means u have to show up it doesnt mean u have to testify and i think he said he will go to jail if he doesnt show up not testify so that can be true maybe ppl need to read it first before u call a lie dumbasses

Agreed. OP, FYL for having a dad who's willing to drag his child into his petty legal issues with your mother. Seriously thoughtless and inappropriate move on his part.

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Um what the hell kind of a comment is that? Your messed up

I don't see how this is a FML. There's a difference between showing up and actually SAYING something. As far as I know, they can't force you to say anything.

@213 how would you know they were just petty issues? it doesn't say that anywhere in the fml. It could be domestic abuse

Jesus Christ.. You are required to testify. If you choose not to then you will be subpoena'd to. What does the Constitution have to do with this?

ouch. Just say you're staying neutral in the court

Right. Tell the judge exactly how you feel from your perspective. Being that these are your parents and if you can legitimately convince him that this is the case, he might tell you you don't have to testify.

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Hire a lawyer yourself, you have rights to stay mum on the subject. As long as you have a decent lawyer you don't have to say a word.

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ya, do what #3 said or just plead the fifth

Um pleading the 5th has to do with self incrimination it doesn't apply to this case. You might have to go to court but you don't have to say anything you don't want to. Just tell the judge that you are neutral on the issue and do not wish to be forced to speak badly of your mother. And shame on your father for doing that to you.

Exactly plead the 5th. Mark McGwire did it.

exactly. i see no fml here. simply be honest. you are under oath after all. you may be legally required to show your face, but you are not legally required to testify against her.

exactly. i see no fml here. simply be honest. you are under oath after all. you may be legally required to show your face, but you are not legally required to testify against her.

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def. not fml. when the judge asks you questions, answer them truthfully. just because you're your dad's witness doesn't mean you have to "take his side"

I was wondering this, too. Since when is telling the truth taking sides?

When the dysfunctional parent is mistrusting and holds enough grudges when there's nothing legit at hand. I've been there, sucks. I basically don't talk to my mom anymore.

The problem is not taking side. Obviously, the OP want to stay neutral because he still likes or wants to be able to talk with both parents. Imagine this, your son cause you to lose a lot of money to a person you hate enough to be filling up a lawsuit against... Or, your son cause you to lose money, social advantages and more to a man that is filling a lawsuit against you. I would imagine that whoever loses the lawsuit will be very likely to see the relationship he/she has with his son to be destroyed (yeah, I know, it's a sick world) FYL OP, I would not want to be in your situation at all.

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If the questions are asked in a certain way then it will make it seem like he is taking sides.

Despite the OP having no control over the situation, there are still YDI votes...

Yeah, that never made sense to me either.

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People are jerks, that's all. I usually see at least 300 votes for YDI even when the OP obviosly didn't deserve any crap at all- it's an evil "Everyone Deserves It" club. Anywhozel, I hope you find a way out of that, OP. I don't deal with court much, but from what I can tell you should still have a neutral alternative- just ask around, see if a lawyer or judge can help.

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I think it's a small subgroup of insecure people. By making this OP's fault, any YDI voters can just say "well, I won't act like OP and then I won't be put in that situation, ever, so I win." It's a defense mechanism.

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Sometimes I accidentally click YDI. xD I usually don't, though.

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ah, so you're one of the "YDI" club. (: i mean, there are a great deal of people who deserve it on here, and yes the occasional whiny bitches, but i mean isnt the point of the website talking about something that happened to you that sucks? where is the line where it becomes whining? just something to think about (:

I don't see how that could apply here. Having to testify against your mom in court is not a small inconvenience. It's out of the norm and it totally blows.

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seriously. I don't know why people pick YDI for some, especially this one, it's like, really, what went through their mind. I think it's just the trolls that do it when it's blatantly obvious that it's not.

maybe trying to get a badge for ydis?

Yeah, the 1/20th of the times that I actually press the YDI button, it's usually an accident.

I'm sure there is some stuff your dad did that will show him in a bad light. Mention a story or 2 of such events just to get your own back. ;-)

All you have to say is "I plead the 5th".

No, that's entirely not applicable. The 5th is protection from testifying against yourself in a criminal case, the OP is not on trial and this isn't criminal.

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thank God there's someone who understands the law.

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^agree. The Constitution (the capital "C" is important) is supposed to be the most important and irrevocable document in the United States. It's disgusting how so many US citizens don't even bother knowing anything about it and what protections it guarantees them. "Use it or lose it"

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but you can call a conflict of intrest cause either way you would lose the love of one family member.

Actually I'm majoring in criminal justice due to supreme court ruling pleasing to the fifth also extends to testifying against blood relatives... So no yu guys should learn what yur talking about

Sounds your dad is a real first class asshole. Support your mom. FYL indeed.

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shouldn't he and the lawyer have contacted u first to figure out if ur on ur dad's side or ur mom's? who knows, maybe u've been neutral in the open but secretly don't like one side. but seriously, it's not fair that you have to go to jail for this kind of stuff. you're family is torn apart, one side's suing the other, can't u register for some kind of emotional stress that that'll give u a break?

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No - just because you're being forced to testify doesn't mean that you have to say things that will favor the side that's calling you up. The OP doesn't have to say a single bad thing about his mom or a single good thing about his dad. And just because testifying is emotionally stressful doesn't mean you can get out of it. ALL trials are stressful for the people involved. The OP just has to show up, tell the truth, and leave. Sucks that his dad is dragging him into it, but he doesn't have to "testify against her."

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Yeah, show up, but just don't say anything. You're not required to.

umm.. no.. that doesn't work. You can be held in contempt of court for refusing to answer. Op might as well not show up for that matter.. both result in jail.