By Anonymous - 30/12/2010 07:14 - Australia

Today, I finally went running to help me start losing weight. I got 50 metres before someone in a passing car shouted out "Run fatty, run". I can't work up the courage to go for a run again. FML
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Screw them, keep running and lose the weight. :)

Run in place, in your house. Don't go outside.


Run in place, in your house. Don't go outside.

this time wear a yellow coat and say your a taxi

Oh yeah, real good solution there. OP, go outside and don't give a flying BLEEP about anyone. Honestly. Or if you want a confidence booster that much, kick them in the nuts.

Exactly! Or get a work out machine. Don't let them keep you from losing the weight. Or just keep going for runs and prove them wrong.

Oh, learn to take a joke, tight pants. Of course she should keep trying to lose the weight and not give a hoot what other people say or think. God damn Buzz Killingtons.

Two things: I misread your comment, I thought you were suggesting them to run on a treadmill at home and avoid people. Second- Jokes are meant to be funny. Don't mean that in a "you're mean, that's not funny" way. Just that it's not funny.

Humor is a matter of opinion, not fact.

I guess you could say *puts on shades* he was discouraged! YEAHH!

I guess you could say *puts on pants and shirt and socks* this joke is officially dead.

#74 Yeahh!!

Do not let that bullshit get to you. That type of person is the same one who will make you feel like shit for being heavy in the first place, and then torture you when you're actually trying to do the right thing. They're also the type of person who will call their significant other a fatty for putting on ten pounds. So lose the weight, get hot, and tap their husband/wife.

Don't give up! Power walking may be a bettter option for you though. Much easier to do, much easier on the body, and actually a higher level of exercise. Either way, keep at it. Suggestion for a book my son just gave me: 4 hour body. I haven't read too much of it yet, but he presents interesting unorthodox concepts for self-improvement in many ways according to your goals. It's just an interesting idea to me.

don't take it personally that's a movie!! :) keep trying

I think that would make me want to workout/run more.

same thing happened to my mom haha

think about this you can lose wait but being a bitch can never be changed

Screw them, keep running and lose the weight. :)

and then fuck that guys wife in front of him

is that a 3 step plan??

just use that comment as motivation. that way, when youre skinny you can beat them up

agree.....give them the finger while you run

well ops a girl. so a fit chick having sex with that dudes wife. I'm pre sure the dude would want in >.>

OP is a lady

exactly. you have to say fuck them! do it for yourself - you'll feel better a million percent so who cares. if your confident and feel great these things seem so... small

Wow, that's so terrible. I'm really sorry, but keep trying, there will always be mean people in the world, unfortunately.

Really op? Just because of that you lose your drive? Well, start thinking THIS way. "I don't give a fuck to what anyone says because, hey, i' doing this for me. Yes, me and not for other people. I'm doing this for myself to keep healthy and fit. This is not for others, why should I change myself for others?". Honestly, to be so easily discouraged, you must be pretty negative about it. Repeat something positive everyday to yourself in the mirror or something to keep your drive. After all, to do something like this, you must first be determind. I think you should set a goal for how much you lose in 3weeks time, etc., etc. I think you should do it to get a clear view of what you want to accomplish instead of getting a sudden inpulse like that so you won't lose your determination easily when you start thinking, "What am I doing? It's like I acheived nothing".

We don't know if OP is actually getting any encouragement from those around her. It is very easy to lose motivation if you're getting more negativity than support.

treadmills are popular. or you could go to gym.

If they're embarrassed about being seen in public they probably wouldn't want to be seen at the gym either.

There are personal gym classes you know .

OP *run at night* When I first started running, I was self-conscious about my weight, so I'd run at night and that worked pretty well.

135- good idea!

fat people don't go to the gym, they eat waffles with guys named Jim

Yes and Bertha too?

Jim gaffigan? :D

Don't let them get to you. Keep running and soon enough people will be shouting "Pump those skinny legs" and wolf whistling. Work it girl!

Exactly, don't let them get to you. For one, I know punk ass teenagers will yell things like that out of the window to ANYONE that's jogging, no matter how thin or large the person is. I can't tell you how many times boys on the back of my school buss yelled mean things to skinny people jogging that probably made them self conscious about it. Just because someone chose to yell that out the window does not mean you are a "fatty," it just means that they are a jerk. Try wearing some headphones so you cannot hear anything some dumbass might yell out his car door.

wear a garbage bag, people will just think you trash being blown by wind AND you'll work up a sweat. win you, win communities eyes :)

If you're fat, you're probably going to get yelled at anyway, no matter what you're doing. So work up the courage and go running again :)

OP look up an exercise called PACE, written by Dr. Sears. Very helpful in burning fat as well as producing HGH.

I think the OP was producing enough "HHHUGHHHH GHUUURRRHHHH HGGGHHHHHHH" as it was. And that was just walking to her front door. Supplements are for pussies.

That's still pretty terrible, if you ask me.

I'm sorry but, #124, you are hot!!

Awwe that's really mean! That's like when people act repulsed by seeing an overweight person eating food, as if they aren't entitled to meals at all. If someones trying to get healthy, you shouldn't discourage them! Like as if you're fat, you're screwed cause we don't want to see you jiggle your way down to our standards!

exactly, I hate how people think that fat people have no right to live just because they're a little bit bigger than everyone else.

Don't let them ruin your day. Just go out and run. People will make fun of everyone, skinny is too skinny, fat is too fat, average are too boring, people who work out so steroids and spend every waking second at the gym, old is too old and the young are too young. You will never win by trying to make others happy. If you want to lose weight, eat right for you and exercise, if your happy at your weight, keep doing you.

thank you! very well said.

i agree trying to make everyone happy will get u no where and will only make u sad