By ZeroLuck - United States - Miami
Today, I was at the gym when I noticed a girl I like working out on the elliptical. I went to go say hi, but chickened out and went to run on the treadmill in front of her instead. I was so nervous that I tripped and the machine threw me headfirst into her machine. FML
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OP's crush: "I couldn't help but notice you flying at high speeds off of your treadmill right towards me earlier. I thought it was really cute"
OP: *stumbles down a flight of stairs*

  sjbartholome  |  14

The first comment (9) is just sarcasm. He joked saying that what OP did was a good way to score with a chick. The second comment (10) he spelled "us" when he should have spelled "is" as in "treadmill is too manly for OP" Hope that helps.