By ZeroLuck - 16/08/2013 02:32 - United States - Miami

Today, I was at the gym when I noticed a girl I like working out on the elliptical. I went to go say hi, but chickened out and went to run on the treadmill in front of her instead. I was so nervous that I tripped and the machine threw me headfirst into her machine. FML
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Jake_Hale 7

You should've went over to her and compliment her curves and tell her how amazing she is at the elliptical and ask for advice on how to use it

15, Can you read? It says he got too nervous/chickened out. He would probably never been able to do that, unless he mustered up enough courage.

Most girls don't want to be hit on at the gym. Some do, but most girls are actually there to work out.

^ But how on earth do you know what most girls want?

Well, I don't want to be asked out at the gym. But that's mostly because most people are 30+ years older than me.

MikeonFML 17

I can see him walking in all puffed up hopping on at 12 mph with a 10% incline and just getting laid out

headfirst? what were u on it backwards or something?

OP Probably spun around in the process of falling.

It is going to make a GREAT how we met story! Wonderful wedding story lol :)

As the idiot who doesn't know how to use a treadmill properly...

I can see the nervous part but also felt like u could've done it!

Honestly, I would've thought that was cute. Good way to start a conversation.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

OP's crush: "I couldn't help but notice you flying at high speeds off of your treadmill right towards me earlier. I thought it was really cute" OP: *stumbles down a flight of stairs*

Even the treadmill tried to hook you up brotha.

reymon8823 24

Yeah but he probably still chickened out treadmill us too manly for him

10- after reading two of your comments I still can't figure them out. I'm sorry.

The first comment (9) is just sarcasm. He joked saying that what OP did was a good way to score with a chick. The second comment (10) he spelled "us" when he should have spelled "is" as in "treadmill is too manly for OP" Hope that helps.

reymon8823 24

Best way to score the girl chicken shit lol

Least your chances of being noticed by her are higher now.