By Out Ran - United States
Today, while running, I sped up to show off for a cute female runner I'd seen before up ahead. I passed her and not more than a minute later she sprints past me. I couldn't catch up. She not only out ran me, but waited to tell me it was a 'nice try'. FML
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  YouGotTold  |  0

yes... he is an idiot, she gave him the greenlight to shoot his shot and he missed it bcz his ego got smashed, he was winded, while trying to show off. he could have turned the event around and got the digits and the ass. now she see you as a weak male, you sir had an unequivocal infinity fail.

  YeahFMLxX  |  0

Nevereverevereverever try and out run a hawt chick. it's like trying to grab a hot, runny, steamy slab of melted gushy butter. You just can't do it. Sorry OP.

  Sinisin2010  |  0

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  natsaysheyyy  |  16

@137: Uhh, are you trying to talk yourself up over the Internet? No one is impressed, and clearly 11 other people are annoyed.
ANYWAY. OP, tell her the truth! Just say, "Sorry, I think you're cute and I was just trying to impress you. But maybe you'll get a bite to eat with me sometime.(:" Being genuine always works, I promise!

By  24788  |  6

She was flirting with you, but no you don't take the shot. Most women don't even give you this chance. Seriously fuck her life for wasting her time.

By  Laurendorcus  |  0

This is actually a cute thing. OP, the only FML here is that you didnt get that she was flirting with you. She got that you liked her, but she wanted to (playfully) put you in your place. Thats when you should have asked her to help you practice and to give you some pointers over lunch.