By Animal_aide - Canada
Today, I got my car back from the repair shop. After paying $400 for them to fix the scratches on the driver's side door, some one decided to key both sides of my car while I was on my lunch break from work. FML
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This, seriously. $400 for something that's merely aesthetic? Superficial freak. You're just as bad as the people who would spend that much on a single pair of ridiculously uncomfortable shoes. Cars get scratches. Learn to fucking live with it or start taking public transport. (Word to the unwise: trying to fix all the scratches on the subway will get you funny looks at best and arrested at worst.)

  elfako  |  0

Besides the fact that it's her money and her car and she can do whatever she wants to them, scratches that go down to bare metal allow rust to form after a while which is more than a superficial thing. Besides why would you spend 35k on a car and not care about damage to it.

  Kttttt  |  0

Scratches bother me immensely, I know theres a small one under the fin of my car, and although you cant see it without opening the trunk, it still bothers me. I did not spend that thousands of dolars on a car to not care if it gets scratched.

Honestly, if somebody keyed my car I would cry, and Im not the type of person that cries.

  blland  |  0

there is actually such a product that is contains liquid vinyl suspended in an organic, volatile solvent that fixes those scratches, similar to what you described!