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Today, they opened a new firing range behind my housing block. No big deal, except they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FML
ItnHmn tells us more :
For clarification's sake: I'm a civilian contract employee working out of Bagram, Afghanistan. The range in question is the SOF (Special Operations Forces) practice range, which is about 100 yards away from my CHU, or Containerized Housing Unit (read: shipping container with AC and furniture.) They usually shoot larger caliber weapons so, while my headphones do cut the sound down a bit, I'm just too close to cut it entirely. Saying it "opened" was a bit off... it DID RE-open recently after being out of commission for months due to fire, so I'd gotten used to the jets, helos, drones, and occasional rocket w/o the gunfire. Overall, it isn't bad until you get a couple of jerks firing heavy calibers rapid fire. That tends to sound like an insurgent attack, which one does not want to sleep through.
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  ItnHmn  |  26

Honestly, you get good at telling when it is range fire and when it is combat fire. Me, I'm a civilian contract employee so I don't end up on patrol.

  ItnHmn  |  26

Well, you got two of three... that's passing at some colleges. ;-)

Headphones plus Old School Labs Vintage Bliss (sleep pills) = 5-6 hours a night.

By  Biker187  |  12

Don't complain really, some people aren't so privileged to have such easy access. I used to shoot off of my back deck then moved due to the job though with the job came free range access. Ask for a discount membership since you live so close. You never know you might actually enjoy it & meet some really great people.

  Tripartita  |  44

I'd value sleep uninterrupted by the sound of gunfire over being near a shooting range, but I'm rational like that…

I guess some people /really/ like ejaculating their hard, metal phallic symbols at all hours of the night. And bonding with other people over the joy of said ejaculation? Nothing wrong with that.

  ItnHmn  |  26

I'm out here in Afghan by choice, but I'm not sure I'd call myself privileged. As a civilian contract employee, the range is (alas) off limits for me unless I work some shady deal for ammo and weapons.

By  honocor  |  2

Not sure the state you live in, but where I am from there are strict regulations on how loud ranges can be. Many measurements are taken before they can fully open. I doubt it is going to be any louder than train tracks or a highway.