By mydadsgonnakillme - 08/02/2013 07:13 - United States - Santa Barbara

Today, I introduced my boyfriend to my overprotective father. My boyfriend started out with, "Sir, it is an honor to be your daughter's sexual partner." FML
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Your boyfriend is a legend.

So when's the funeral?


Your boyfriend is a legend.

He "was"

13, Legends never die.

He is legend. He may end up dying in the end, but he'll at least die proving to your next suitor what not to do.

Do you know who else never dies? Batman

Sir_ND_Pity 35

22 - 13 is right. No one calls me by my first name and disrespects my daughter like that and lives to see another day

22, the person may die, but the legend doesn't. I know if I had a daughter, and her boyfriend said that... I have a cabin in a very secluded area... Keep it at that haha

SinfulEnd 20

He's a legend if he lives past dinner ;D

tjv3 10

He is either stupid or brave not sure

Stupidity can be mistaken for bravery.

I'm sure OP told her boyfriend that he's overprotective so he tried to come up with something to 'break the ice' between them and make him laugh. But I would just say he's just plain stupid.

I imagine ops father was Obama somehow… lol

Father in law, those who are ready for sex salute you

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What gave that away?

What does knowing that matter?

...obviously not a parent. Ignorance is bliss.

36- well gosh, I guess you did, miss igive.

KY_Jelly 10

Hopefully your dad can have a sense of humor about it. If not, at least your boyfriend does.

jem970 19

What part of "overprotective" did you miss?

Well, he did say "sir".

"over-protective father" + "sexual partner of his daughter" = a very very bad day for OP's bf. it would take a lot more than a sense of humor to get out of his house alive.

KingCeltic77 18

Even if he has a sense of humor, I doubt her dad will find it very funny.

7yzz 18

Theres a difference between having balls and being plain rude, I'm pretty much an anything goes kind of person, but if my future daughters boyfriend said this to me, i would take it as majorly disrespectful, and very arrogant, and a sign that he shows no intent to be on good terms with me. And it would probably make me want to get rid of him, one way or another.

Wheeeeeeeeeee 4

If you take offense at something like that then you really don't deserve respect.

Wheeeeeeeeeee 4

If you take offense at something like that then you really don't deserve respect.

Your boyfriend sounds like the perfect gentleman.

Steve95401 49

I'd say he is equal parts gentleman and idiot.

laya_fml 26

So, the perfect gentleidiot then?

He's a keeper

aron666 25

If he will survive...

First time I've seen this phrase with thumbs up.

Your Boyfriend is gunna need an ambulance here soon... haha

wlddog 14

It is my goal,,, no, my dream,,, to make at least two of my daughters future boyfriends piss themselves with fear. I will accept bleeding from them, but the main goal is to make them wet themselves.

129-Why would they bleed? They would bleed in fear? I don't follow...

wlddog 14

Because they said they slept with my daughter. Why would I not protect my wifes and daughters honor? Some idiot says something that stupid to me, i guarantee he will bleed.

yes give them what they deserve for joking with you

squideth 18

135 because your wife and daughter are their own people with their own lives and bodies, and don't need your protection? Bet you wouldn't say that about your sons. I'm glad my dad was mature enough to respect me as a human being; he never pulled shit like this.

wlddog 14

147 You obviously have no idea what honor is.

Wheeeeeeeeeee 4

@squideth Agreed. But also why should a boy be treated like a criminal for liking a girl? Maybe her dad was a date-rapist but that doesn't mean the boy is. Seriously, a grown man throwing his weight around like a schoolyard bully is a pathetic sight. Kudos to the boyfriend for mocking what should be mocked. The great Dara O'Briain has a similar bit from the other side, as a sensibly relaxed father confronted with a priggishly manly boyfriend. This post is only four years old, yet from the thumbs ups you'd think it had been posted in the fifties.

So when's the funeral?

There won't be a funeral since the body is probably been buried in a backyard or shipped to some foreign country in dozen small boxes.

Shrouds 14

You know too much! Your next, hide!

YOu mean her dad had a heart attack when he heard that?

Don't get too attached to your boyfriend. If this is how he normally acts, he probably won't survive a second encounter with your dad (that is, assuming he even survived this one).

Yea, because her father murdered him then and there. I mean he probably blew any relationship with the father he could have if he couldn't take the joke, but where's the fun in not being able to be yourself?

Yea being yourself is great and all, but there's a time and place for a lot of things. That wasn't at all the time or place for op's bf to say that.

34- It's called common courtesy, having the maturity to filter whether humor or garbage spews forth from your lips.

haled9 3

Well now you know your boyfriend's got balls

Not for long, I'll bet.

AlexM42 5

Pretty sure that the problem was that she already knew it.

skullofdarkness 18

*had. Had balls.

When I read this FML, I picture your boyfriend bowing, in my head xD