By Anonymous - 01/10/2009 14:06 - Canada

Today, I met my girlfriend's parents for the first time. I was on their bed having sex with their daughter. FML
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On their bed? Wow, at least they know you're classy...

you couldn't have sex with her in HER bed?


wintamint101 7

how come no one makes sure they know who's bed they're getting it on in? and ydi for not checking to see if they were home

no one noticed op is a girl? this fml is HOT. if i were dad id join in

WTF... sex in the rents bed?! YDI, that's gross, that's where her parents do the deed!

hahafylop 4


Herropreez17 0

Lol OP is a lesbian. Double kick in the ass for parents...

lovin_bigsister 0

maybe u shouldve met them before you ficked their daughter

well at least they know you will keep her satisfied

BamBAmGG 14

And at least OP made a lasting first impression! Way to get'em tiger!

Jarlais 0

at least you got laid...

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#7 i know right? no fml here

Doesn't matter, had sex

On their bed? Wow, at least they know you're classy...

YDI for being on their bed and also for having premarital sex.

there's nothing wrong with the premarital

Herropreez17 0

They do deserve it for not being careful but pre marital sex you are pissed at? And on an FML thing??? Fuck off damn bible humper.

Wankster 0

Dude that's wrong. Now they are really going to hate you. YDI