By FullOfNick - 10/09/2011 07:11 - United States

Today, I realized too late that a picture in my school Powerpoint presentation of thousands of New Zealand sheep, was actually a picture of thousands of naked men in a field. FML
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Hahaha I'd like to see your teachers face when they see that.

That would be a power point I would like to see.

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Knowing Kiwi sheep herders close enough.

indielove 13

So did your teacher like the presentation? Don't leave us hanging!

I'm sorry, but did you make the PowerPoint on a phone from the 1990's??

This happened to me! Except I got a picture of thousands of sheep when looking for naked men.... Go figure

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I've seen that picture... I didn't notice until my friend told me:)

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If I was the teacher I would give him an A++

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hahaha hahaha that made lol .... do they really look that similar??

Sound really Baaaaahhd... but seriously I'm not the only one who went to look up the picture now am I?

131- i went to look it up too, god i need a social life -__-

The picture is one often used as an optical illusion, it always looks like sheep in a field at first because the men are crouching.

Ruebenspot: Thousands of Naked People Yeah, they look like sheep at first but if you look a tad bit closer, you can easily see that they're nude people. Hope your teacher grades on a curve!(:

I put the illusion as my profile picture if anyone wants to see it

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Op was mesmerized by the optical illusion their spincters created...

"Sphincter says what?" Name that quote(: Party Time....excellent.

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Well, you just said "what", sphincter.

Oh, that picture! Took me a few minutes to realize that aswell. Reallt funneh though :D

indielove 13

It's supposed to be an illusion. At first you think it's sheep, then soon you start seeing the naked men.

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Are you sure? I think it's the next one to it :)

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Why would any of those men have boners? Unless they were all secretly gay

Did you check out the boner on the black sheep?

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Lol that must be embarrassing lol Or cool Depends on how your peers see it

Well I'm thinking they will see it as sheep then on closer inspection see a whole bunch of naked men

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I only say cool cause I think a person who did is pretty neat in my book... My opinion

Is your name 'You-go-tapes' or 'You-got-apes'?

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I bet that turned some people on ;)