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Today, I couldn't move without people talking to me about the "Royal Baby". It's like it's actually going to have an effect on my life. FML
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thatgirlkat 9

It's happening to me too and I'm in America.

sammyjanette 17

I know! I plan to boycott all major forms of news for the next week because I don't want to hear about it. Though they'll probably be talking about the royal baby for the rest of our lives.


sammyjanette 17

I know! I plan to boycott all major forms of news for the next week because I don't want to hear about it. Though they'll probably be talking about the royal baby for the rest of our lives.

zed34 18

It's going to be a royal pain in the ass!

See the royals don't actually do anything anymore. They're figureheads. Why they get any attention at all doesn't really jell with me

sioux4 17

I put a crown on my toilet. Does it make it royal? No. Does anyone give a shit? No. Does it do anything? It hasn't done anything since the 18th century

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I understand why the media follows the queen and such. It's very traditional. Yes, the queen may not have as much power as in the past, she's pretty much just a poster child to England. But I think the princess having an heir to the throne is a helluva lot more newsworthy than what Angelina Jolie had for breakfast, which apparently affects everybody. Boycott what you want, but in my opinion this is something actually worth being followed compared to the shit they sell in magazines and post on the web.

Totally agree with you 30. The heir to the throne is much more newsworthy than Kim kardashians baby. I still don't care, but a royal is definitely more important than a kartrashian.

I feel you. This is some of the most exciting news i've heard in a while. Idk why people are so flippant, when they're the same ones who went apeshit when Kim K. Got divorced.

It's their job to stop the Prime Minister getting a swollen head, by being above them in the social pecking order. Just look like Thatcher was like: can you imagine if the bloody woman had been President? Or Blair, for that matter...

You can take the US away from Britain, but apparently you can't take away our fascination with the royals.

hapy_pig098 13

I still cant believe they named kim kardashians kid north west @32

Shouldn't that be the job of the media and citizens? I mean lets be fair now, who was there to keep king George III in check when he decided to colonize half the world and slowly begin to lose it by being arrogant? What about king John?

#27 If you've put a crown in your toilet then yes someone gives a shit, literally.

miyaviichan 27

I feel like a lot of you are assuming too much. (In case this is a response to #90 I'm sorry, my phone is weird.) I don't give a shit about the royal baby, and I didn't give a shit about Kim K's kid either. Who genuinely cares?

Well... It's a boy! Just to let you know! :P

It's getting all this specialist health care, money, fame and attention simply because it is born in the right place at the right time. I don't see why this baby is any more interesting than the thousands of other babies born today. And to think it will be 'future king' (if the monarchy even lasts that long) is just ridiculous. It's done nothing and already it is entitled to rule this country. Vile.

punjabtimelord 18

You sicken me. You're calling a newborn baby who, to use your words, 'has done nothing', 'vile'. Get some respect. The royal baby is exciting news, he is a future monarch for christ's sake. Much more important than any bratty celebrity. I myself am quite excited about the new birth, but going overboard about it and basically turning into an over-patriotic twat is not a good thing to do.

I can't imagine what it's like to be excited about a future monarch being born. It's nice to have some good news I suppose? It's all over the news here too though and it doesn't really affect us at all. Ah well, congrats to them both anyway :)

#32 let's be real, anything is more important than a Kardashian.

I still call them Cardacians. Any other Trekkies out there?

Our country fought for freedom so we wouldn't have to hear about this stupid royal baby.

@32 my cat's hair ball is more important than a kardashian

Don't forget that once the news settles down about it being born, the news coverage will dramatically increase again when they think of a name...that could be a few weeks.... -.- **Groan**

Right, this is down on the third page, but I'm ******* AMAZED noone has said anything about it yet. Maybe the world media is going on and on about the royal baby because it's a happy piece of new for once? Yes it's not much different to the dozens of other babies that would have been born on the same say but the Royal family is known worldwide, and both watched and followed worldwide. Sorry I'm being ignorant. Everyone forget about the Royal baby and let's read/watch/hear about how there's more uprising in Egypt, the worldwide economy continuing to crash, more wars in the middle east, more people dying of natural disasters, how wide open Snooki's ****** really is, how much money the Paris Hilton sex tape has made. Lighten the **** up people.

Ditto #155. It is incredibly annoying. I'm in Ireland and you can't turn on the tv without hearing about it!

Lol. They already stopped talking about it. FAIL!

RadeonDerp 24

It'll be people who think the baby affects them in some way.

She should've taken fertility drugs to be the royal octo mom

DKjazz 20

If if a princess has octuplets, who's the heir? Usually the "eldest twin" (oxymoron) is the first to pop out, but Octoprincess has to have a c-section, so all our little hypothetical heirs and heiresses are "born" more or less simultaneously, so who gets the crown when they grow up?

They would still pull each baby out one at a time. So one would be born first.

Beebow_fml 5

88-The fate of a whole kingdom and 8 children would be up to the doctor

They would still pull each baby out one at a time. So one would be born first.

Beebow_fml 5

Indeed, so whoever the doctor thinks should come out first gets all the cake

A battle to the death to see which child is the strongest, and most worthy of the throne... All of this sounds like an amazing idea!

The should show the new baby lion king style lmfao :D

Who are these people sitting outside the hospital waiting? Do they go in to work and say "gotta go see the royal baby"?

I saw them and just thought 'poor Kate' (and I don't normally give a damn about the royals). Can you imagine going through the pain and exhaustion of childbirth, being all hormoned up and then having to get through crowds of cheering idiots, flashing cameras, etc. before you've even got back to your own bed in your own home? Tbh I think it's just selfish. If they really cared they'd leave it alone till the official announcement later on.

And they are paying for this crap through tax!

Journalists from around the world... -.-

Tell them that you don't give a shit.

Well I do. I sit on my "throne" and give a shit. Not about the baby, I give ***** to my toilet...

thatgirlkat 9

It's happening to me too and I'm in America.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I haven't heard anything about it.

Oh great now I've heard about this royal baby bullshit. Let me leave before I hear anymore.

#7, I call bullshit because American media acts like the USA is the only country in the world.

^ Nope, sorry. Visit us before you make assumptions. The US media actually does report virtually all significant world events, they just don't keep up with it to its fullest extent. Ironically, a major American event happened on the exact same day (only affecting us though); the US stock market reached record highs. Most Americans don't know that though.

In fact, CNN is still reporting the royal baby. I wonder how long they can carry this on before they are forced to mention the deadly ship sinking in Indonesia or World Youth Day in Argentina. Even BBC doesn't obsesse over dumb shit like this happening in their own country.

sounds like those people are a royal pain in the ass

Wowxoxo 17

The baby isn't even born yet and I'm tired of him/her already!

ileenefudge 29

I feel you. They talk about it on the news about it sometimes in the US or I'll see it on magazines. They talked about the royal wedding for a long time and I was like "I don't care. They are not the only ones who got married and it's not gonna change my life so why should we care?"

Helping people less fortunate and making people aware of Kony wasn't going to change your life, are you saying you don't care?

51, I'm pretty sure nothing actually happened as a result of the Kony thing, aside from everyone with a brain getting annoyed with the hipster ***** who spammed "#KONY2012" everywhere online. Nobody was helped by it, I'm sure. In fact, I'm sure a few people probably killed themselves over the inanity of it all.

RedPillSucks 31

The point most likely is that there are lots of things going on in the world that don't affect you directly that you may care about. If you don't care about the royals, change the TV/radio station or stop reading the article. Other than via the media, I've not had anyone talk to me about it.

ileenefudge 29

51, I just stated that after a while people get tired of hearing the same thing over and over and after a while nobody will care. Nobody brought up Kony except you. So what the "royal" couple got married. Every day people get married and you don't see the media being talked about every day for a couple months. My sister got married a year ago and she wasn't on the news. Now the "royal" couple is having a child. And once again they are on the news. I had a son 3 years ago and my baby wasn't on the news. My point is, that they are no different than you or me and they really don't need the world to know that they got married or are having a child. I'm in America and them having a child isn't going to affect my life in any way and while I'm happy for them to a degree, after a while I'm not going to care anymore. In all honesty I don't really care much now because like I said they are no different than us. The only thing is that they have a lot of money. Other than that they are just regular people so there is no need to make the whole world know they just got married or are expecting or even that they are royal. We all have our own issues and lives to live. The whole world doesn't need to focus their lives on the Royal" family just because they are going to be parents. Eventually people are going to get sick of hearing about how the royal family did this or that and not care because we are going to be focused on our own lives. I for one don't care if they are traveling or a expecting because they are just people and its not gonna affect how I live over here, so they don't need everyone knowing their family business. I'm sure they are going to be like certain celebrities over here who want the attention then complain that they have no privacy with there lives. It's just annoying and nobody is going to care after a while. Ok end rant/sorry everyone for the long paragraph.

How does this affect your life? How is it a ydi too?