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Today, I overheard mom talking about how my youngest sister was the only one who used the money from the insurance settlement from my dad's death responsibly. I was in my first semester of college when she cashed in mine for a vacation. I had to drop out. FML
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Sorry, the limits on number of characters made my description a bit light on details. Dad was killed in a car accident and the insurance co of the driver of the vehicle who hit him paid out a settlement. The amount is really none of your business, but the principal plus returns between settlement and when I started to draw it was enough to cover tuition only for 4+ years. Money was placed in trust for each of us- all of us with mom as custodian, as we were minors. At that time, unless the minor changes/removes the custodian when they turn the age of majority, the custodian remains indefinetly. Mom cashes in fund and when I come home for christmas break to get the portion of the money for second semester tuition, says she used the money on a vacation for herself and my loser stepdad. Later I found out she invested it, made a killing and kept it all. She didn't want to put HER money on the line- in case the investment didn't work out. I even got to pay taxes on the capital gains!! I continued attending college until my SAVINGS was gone and LOANS I qualified for didn't cover expenses (mom was loaded from her part of the settlement and life insurance so I didn't qualify for much) I dropped out. DECADES later, I overhear her telling someone in our family that my youngest sister is the only one who used the money wisely from the settlement. Apparently, she has been telling everyone that I pissed my part of it away. Hope that clarifies. I guess having a college education would have given me the skills to change the second "she" to "mom".

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That seriously sucks. I hope you called her out on it.



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i think the OP was referring to her mother in relation to the cashing in blah blah blah but i'm thinking maybe the FML the OP should have posted would be the part about her mom going on vacation on what should have been her college tuition, so on that note, this isn't an FML

@ v1kt4r Uhh no.. Her tuition money was from the settlement from her dads death. Her sister/mother used her tuition money for a vacation. This is still a FML.

I like how 13 and 17 keep saying "her" when the post clearly states it's a man.

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1- screw talking with her. Kick her teeth out!

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#2 What does that have to do with anything the OP said?

FYL. Though was it your sister or mother that spent your money?

Yeah who cashed it? If it was your mom she doesn't have the right to be such a bitch. If it was your sister it could be that your mom doesn't know that it wasn't you who spend the money.

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That seriously sucks. I hope you called her out on it.

Student loans are fun. It sucks that your mother wasted your money, but you didn't have to drop out of college.

Your sister probably derived some enjoyment from her vacation. And maybe some funny T-shirts. Probably more than you are going to get from college, dunce.

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That doesn't mean you had to drop out. There's financial aid and student loans. People do it all the time

We can tell that you dropped out of college... you write horribly. You didn't convey who spent your settlement. You didn't say how she (whoever it was) got control of your settlement. It's either a small settlement - that wouldn't pay for 4 yrs of college - or one hell of a vacation, esp since we have to assume that she had her portion of the settlement too.

They only have a certain number of words they can use..

everyone hates people who do what you just did so shut up and let people live their lives without criticism