By Anonymous - 22/07/2013 16:53 - United States - Concord

Today, I was at Walmart. A guy in a mobility scooter bumped into me, then told me to "get the fuck out of the way." When I told him to watch his mouth, he got up and shoved me into a shelf. Just a few minutes prior, he'd yelled that he was paralyzed from the waist down. FML
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This happens a lot where I live. I really can't believe nobody sees them walk in.

This reminds me of that one episode of Suite Life with the con man with the broken back that wasnt broken.


This happens a lot where I live. I really can't believe nobody sees them walk in.

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There should be a disability card that has a scannable code to allow people to use these things...

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Sometimes people without disabilities do need to use those too... I'be had to use one a few times. Once, I had just come out of surgery, and another time I had a broken foot (hadn't been to the doctor so I didn't have a cast or crutches), but both times I was unable to walk around the store... At one point, my uncle had a messed up leg and wasn't able to walk for long periods of time (for years), but wasn't able to get disability. my point here: NOT everyone that needs to use the electrical wheel chairs would be able to get the scanner card or whatever you are talking about. However, it is horrible for someone to say they are disabled just for sympathy.

So penalize the people who won't get a card even though they can righteously get one? Sounds like a great plan to me! I would be in line for one of these cards since I mangled my knees jumping out of airplanes in the US Army in the 90's. But I'll be damned if I'm sharing any of my personal medical history with Walmart. If I had to get a card to use it, I'd walk on those days when the pain gets bad.

If you broke your foot, you would need a doctor to put you in a cast for your bones to heel properly...

...And if they miss a cast they are blind.

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My sister in law also used it when she was pregnant. (it was a difficult one) so she couldn't walk really long without terrible pain. That guy was just a jerk, and others shouldn't have to deal with cards or what have you, to use those, just because there are others who misuse it. (also, I've not got to the doctor when I've broken bones, although it's recommendable to see a doctor, that doesn't mean you absolutely will go.)

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If numbers 43 and 44 had read correctly they would see where I said I had NOT BEEN to the doctor when I was at Walmart, therefore would not have had a cast. I just though it was sprained or something, but because I wasnt able to walk very well, I went to the doctor. and before anyone says a break and a sprain feel different, I had never broken a bone before that (and for some reason it didn't hurt about the same as sprains do to me).

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42- I'm not saying penalize those who are disabled, I was just saying that sometimes people who aren't actually disabled (or on disability), do need to use the wheel chairs...

actually they do see them but are not allowed by company policy to say anything. the only time anything will get said is if its obviously people (ie teenagers) playing go-cart racers and/or causing a disruption to other customers.

This reminds me of that one episode of Suite Life with the con man with the broken back that wasnt broken.

Wow sorry OP. I hope he got kicked out, faking someone with a disability is low enough, I can't believe some people use it to get sympathy when they're healthy.

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Lol he's talking about his penis. He's dead from the waist down. That's y he's so angry

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That's a Walmart patron for ya'. Well, the stereotypical ones.

Those scooters don't go very fast...get back at him! He can't outrun you!

If he's able to stand up that quickly and isn't actually paralyzed there is a good chance he can run too. I wouldn't want to test if I can run faster and be wrong considering he's already exhibited anger issues.

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No no like this... IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!

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Hallelujah !!! He's healed !!!!

My LAWD! My twin brother's foot has grown back!! Miracles everywhere!

Walmart. If you are interested in investigating the scum of the earth, just go there.

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report him and get his ass banned from the store.