By Anonymous - 27/08/2015 12:43 - United Kingdom - Bexley

Today, my bitch of a sister broke my new phone, which took me months of work to earn. Her excuse? If I didn't want her to break it, I shouldn't have let her use it. FML
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That's not really an excuse... If she's really sorry she'd offer to pay for it, I feel. That sucks and I hope she does. Don't let her touch anything else, lol.

Sounds to me like she isn't sorry at all

Well that's a good excuse to not let her use your stuff anymore.

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I have a feeling she would still break it. Something along the lines of "if you would have let me used it, maybe I wouldn't have broken it."

My sister has pulled that line on me. You really can't win, especially when your 'father' backs up everything she does. Good luck OP.

Exactly. She'll probably just take it anyway.

Oh crap yes. If I had a dollar for every time my father backed up my little sister I would have already moved out.

Break her shit. Problem won't be solved but you'll probably feel better about it.

JustinJK 21

Better yet take hers and make it yours OP. if she didn't want her phone taken then maybe shouldn't leave it lying around.

No. Then everybody just end up with a pile of broken shit. Because the sis will in turn b break something else. Better solution is to take her to court

Well assuming they're living with their parents then if he did that his parents would most likely side with her and not him

Honestly, this sounds like a pretty decent form of retaliation... An eye for an eye is fair... Besides, she's gonna have to learn to respect other people's property eventually

Or over 70, because the thought of senior citizen siblings fighting like that seems funny to me.

Sorry OP. It sounds like your sister needs to learn to respect the belongings of others. It's a pretty simple concept too: if it isn't yours, don't break it. Better luck with your next phone.

You kicked her high up the ass, right?

looks like someone needs to pay for a new phone or get beat in the face

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well, she's right... put some ads up with her phone number, show her who she's dealing with