By Anonymous - 22/07/2013 08:47 - United Kingdom - Bury

Today, I was reassuring my girlfriend that I wasn't cheating on her because I was sneaking around. I'm actually just planning a surprise birthday party for her. During the reassuring, I accidentally called her another girl's name. FML
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You're in deep doo doo OP.

jw90 18

Well that doesn't help your case much.


You're in deep doo doo OP.

Noor stick to perverted jokes puns aren't your thing.

#31 The only thing shitty is your stupid comment

Wow. What an achievement. You gonna put that up on your wall?

53, stop being such a sassafrass.

ILoveMyArm 15

Ohh, this is getting intense.

Indeed it is. *grabs popcorn*

#43 actualy you got 3 thumbs down

It was at this moment OP knew he ****** up. Hope you two can work it out!!!!

jw90 18

Well that doesn't help your case much.

Nah that actually helps him more in the reassuring.

All a part of OP's plan!

Why can I imagine this being the plot of some kind of romantic movie? He blunders and says the wrong name, he then plays off on the mistake, and calls out the same name on the night of the party, maybe again after kissing, all for him to end up proposing. And she takes him for his "sick yet funny sense of humor" all while I'm sitting alone eating marshmallows :(

It actually sounds remarkably like the story in Friends where Chandler tries to hide his proposal from Monica by acting like he doesn't want to marry at all, but screws up because he's acting 'too much' like that...

I'm sure OP's girlfriend thinks he got ****** too ;).

How come I can't meet someone like you

I think you mean not getting ******

LMFAOwned 9

That really wasn't very smooth of you was it? I mean you were already innocent and you let that happen lol

She'll understand once you throw the party

astralvagan 20

If she gives him the chance to the chance after this

sorry OP...just dug your hole deeper. perhaps make the party sooner? or just tell her its an important surprise for her, but dont give too much more detail

Sounds really convincing.... Hope she didn't break up with you OP :/

I'd just tell her about the party, might save your nuts from a good kicking, might.

Woah good luck with that OP

It was a honest mistake, right? Just explain to her if she still doesn't believe you, wait until after the surprise party to explain to her again. All that planning must have gotten to you.