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Probably not the best timing.

Looks like your husband scored the first goal.


Probably not the best timing.

Yeah, I agree, the next mention of the baby will probably go like "So Mom, what should I name the baby? "What the hell?! What baby?"

Or it isn't their first. This was not ment to be a reply to that comment.

Aiming to reply to #3?


Considering how big this soccer thing is, waiting till after would have def been better.. Especially if their team lost.. Would have majorly cheered them up!

#25 depending on what happens this world cup, the baby is probably going to get a footballer's name. Even if its a girl; they'll just put the feminine form.

Seriously #1? Knowing that you’re going to be a father, a grand-parent, uncle etc is not as exciting as watching soccer?

Definitely not the best timing since he was probably pissed off that Portugal was losing 4-0

Sorry was meant to be thumbs up lol


Congrats on the pregnancy, OP.

Looks like your husband scored the first goal.

congrats on the pregnancy!! :)

It does only come once every 4 years...but that sucks. I'm sure they'll come around in the next...month.

At first I thought you meant babies only come around every four years, and I was thoroughly confused.

Your family has their priorities right

how this got upvoted is beyond me. Football is not more important than the news of someone being pregnant, especially if they are a family member.

Well I mean she did have the opportunity to pick when she told them. In the middle of a game probably wasn't the greatest idea. I don't bother any sports fan or any fan of anything if they're watching whatever it is that they're interested in.

You'd think your husband would be more excited about scoring a goal.

You'd think he'd celebrate, shouting "He shoots! He scores!"

I highly doubt either of these things happened considering portugal lost 4-0

WHOOSH! The sound of #8's meaning going right over the head of #92

How'd you get that out of the FML? They were too preoccupied with the game. It doesn't say anything about her being ugly.

Who wants to bet when you tell them again in a couple days they'll be like.... OH MY GOD?!?!!?? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL US SOONER!?!?!?

I can see that happening.

I'll bet a potato chip. See picture for details.

I think it'll be one month later.... After the world cup ends...

Better reaction than some.