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By notgettinsome - 10/11/2013 06:15 - Australia

Today, my mother was scolding my youngest sister for having unprotected sex with yet another partner. She continued with, "Why can't you be like your brother and just never have sex?" I'm 22, and she's not wrong. FML
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At least you're a good example to an irresponsible younger sister.

I think the real question here is how did your mother find out that your sister had unprotected sex?


Well, get out there and meet people. Wear protection of course. :)

Or don't. Because sex is extremely over-rated, anyway.

perdix 29

#4, keep in mind that you contribute about a half to the so-called "rating," so if you find it disappointing, you're doing something wrong.

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I'm not saying sex is bad. It really isn't if you find someone who likes what you like. But people do put way too much emphasis on it. Sex is not water, oxygen, or food; we can live without it. We can actually have very full lives without sex. OP, don't worry about what you have or haven't done. Everything happens in it's own time.

perdix 29

#47, maybe some individuals can go without sex, but a species can't survive without reproduction. That seems to be the one thing religious people and atheist scientists agree on: Be fruitful and multiply. So, OP, get out there and make **** sapiens proud of you!

BriCx 8

I understand what you are trying to say, 47, but technically sex IS vital to life. Procreation depends on it. But it isn't vital to have sex with everything that moves of course, and it's always better with someone you care about. OP shouldn't be ashamed that he isn't sexually active. I think we both agree on that. :)

49 & 67, sex is vital to the species, of course, but not the individual.

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Actually having some form of sexuality is pretty important to the indiviual, as we can see the results of abstinence from many Catholic priests.

81, what's with the extreme opposition to anyone who chooses celibacy? I thought your username was a funny comment on your own personality, not your mission in life.

At least you're a good example to an irresponsible younger sister.

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An example his sister doesn't follow, lol.

Is he still a good example if he doesn't want to be a virgin?

AntiPrude 26

Not really, hes on one extreme of the spectrum, his sister is on the other. Old conservatives trying to tell modern generations to be abstinent is not only stupid, but it doesnt work. And i would bet $500 that the lack of sex education and the prudishness of OPs parents is what caused the daughter to be having sex without protection. OP's sister just needs to be shown how distressing abortion is, and some damn basic non-biased sex ed would help.

Your time will come, OP. And 22 isn't that old, and isn't so unusual an age to not be having sex as you might think.

Yea, that girl is going to Come. just wait.

60 - Most of his comments justify that observation.

BriCx 8

I have a friend who was a virgin on her wedding night and she was 25. So 22 isn't that old at all. And by the way antiprude no one preached it to her; it was her own choice.

Well at least you're keeping it disease free down there, that is worth something I guess. And if you go out and meet people you might just get lucky too.

So apparently your hand doesn't count as unprotected sex...

AntiPrude 26

"Rather not crash than drive a car!" "Rather not get shot in the ear than play paintball!" "Rather not get salmonella than eat chicken!" Oh look :D I can apply your stupid argument to anything! Ever heard of a nifty invention called a condom? If you're so insecure about being a virgin that you have to blurt out these one-line bonus phrases to feel better about yourself, maybe you should actually make an effot to look appealing to the opposite sex.

Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Not to say go and get an STD of course, but you do have to live a little.

@40: Angry much? You're getting pretty intense about a simple statement. I'm sure it was meant as a comparison between OP and his sister, who doesn't use protection.

#40. Condoms are not 100% effective in preventing STDs and HIV. Abstinence and true monogamous relationships are.

AntiPrude 26

@56 Oh please, not doing something in the first place is not a method of protection. Take your puritan mental illness elsewhere.

Rather lift weights than have a personality..... No wonder most Australian chicks would rather date non-Australian dudes. I'm sure you don't have to worry about knocking anyone up cause your balls are marbles from all the roids. You suck at life

@57, could you be a bigger tool? Stop with the judgement and criticism. It's kind of ridiculous.

Don't beat yourself up about it. Sex is not a value of your worth.

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well try a corny pick up line like, would you like to ride my kangaroo. won't work of course, but can't hurt either

HAHA clever. Too bad we tend to eat Roo's more than we ride them.

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Aw I didn't know you ate the roos. Poor lil roo. :-( Back to OP, yeah these people are right. Don't just give it away like your sis. Find someone worthwhile who will appreciate your virgin wood.

That's the great thing about Australia; the automobile recycling initiative! If your kangaroo stops: eat it.