By anotherfmladdict - / Thursday 26 September 2013 07:06 / United States - Muscatine
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  Twixx66  |  9

I would as well... Until I remember that there are people out there who name their kids: Seven Sirius Puma Audio Science (wtf) Fifi Trixibelle Reignbeau Moon Unit Dweezil North West Apple Messiah Ya'Majesty Jermajesty Kal-el Moxie Crime fighter Tabooger These people probably wished their parents had hired a baby name expert.

  Sinistra_Blue  |  12

Its kinda like that guy who was on TV with the job title of "Ranch Dressing Expert." You can tell he gets all the ladies. "Whatcha got there, beautiful? Hidden Valley?"

  jw90  |  18

At 27, Gaylord Focker's Lover.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

3- Yeah....being a princess pays very well, IF you're fortunate enough to get to actually be one. I can't imagine anyone making enough money naming other people's babies to even eat that day. :P

  threer  |  30

#67, I can't stop laughing. WTF ? xD

  jrod9327  |  17

I agree. That comment was sarcasm because op sees it as a bad thing. Like you said though, it could always be worse. So striving for an actual job might be a blessing in disguise

  TheDrifter  |  23

The pre natal class a couple of my friends attend has one. Helps mothers to be who can't pick a name, looks up historical cultural figures and the etymology of words that might make good names etc.

By  rakooligan  |  11

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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