By anotherfmladdict - 26/09/2013 07:06 - United States - Muscatine

Today, my 15-year-old daughter said she wanted to become a "baby name expert". I chortled, until I looked it up. They actually exist. FML
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SauceySarah 30

Your daughter to her clients: "Looking at the fetus, I'm really feeling a 'Sally' or 'Samantha' vibe radiating off of her. That'll.. That'll be good."


caohm 18

*chortles to himself quietly* yes I think I like this word. COL will replace lol

I would as well... Until I remember that there are people out there who name their kids: Seven Sirius Puma Audio Science (wtf) Fifi Trixibelle Reignbeau Moon Unit Dweezil North West Apple Messiah Ya'Majesty Jermajesty Kal-el Moxie Crime fighter Tabooger These people probably wished their parents had hired a baby name expert.

Sinistra_Blue 12

Its kinda like that guy who was on TV with the job title of "Ranch Dressing Expert." You can tell he gets all the ladies. "Whatcha got there, beautiful? Hidden Valley?"

RedPillSucks 31

@34 I object to your mocking of Kal-el. All hail son of Krypton!!!

Bitches naming their kids after shit they can't even afford. Like Mercedes, diamond..

I actually like Kal-el. Better as a girl's name, though.

@34 well then it would be Kara-zorel :) for a girl

My aunt named her 2 children Sincere and Sir. She really should've gotten a baby name expert.

SauceySarah 30

Your daughter to her clients: "Looking at the fetus, I'm really feeling a 'Sally' or 'Samantha' vibe radiating off of her. That'll.. That'll be good."

jw90 18

I believe this one should be a Shaniqua or maybe Tamitha.

jw90 18

Girls went from wanting to be princesses to wanting to be baby name experts.. At least one of those dreams gets paid

Well both of those professions get paid, the difference is in what they actually do for the money.

3- Yeah....being a princess pays very well, IF you're fortunate enough to get to actually be one. I can't imagine anyone making enough money naming other people's babies to even eat that day. :P

I believe the way our generation is moving it may be very lucrative

12- My sisters lives in Los Angeles. They get paid pretty well.

Atleast she doesnt want to be like Miley Cyrus

"Vanessa? Ugh, that's so last decade. Cecilia is so in right now. That'll be 200 dollars, thanks."

TheDrifter 23

Better than Vidalia, she makes all the boys cry.

I actually met a girl named chlamydia because her parents thought it was pretty.

CharresBarkrey 15

Cecilia would be a confidence shaker, too.

threer 30

#67, I can't stop laughing. WTF ? xD

I should totally have children so I can name them horribly funny names...

ninjaqueen101 18

At least she doesn't plan on being a teen mom, and earn her money l off MTV.

I agree. That comment was sarcasm because op sees it as a bad thing. Like you said though, it could always be worse. So striving for an actual job might be a blessing in disguise

rockne93 17

My first thought was that I'd stepped into a Beano comic. Only place I've ever seen that word used seriously.

What do you do? Just make up names by putting sounds together? Our generation sucks

Recently someone named their newborn, Hashtag. Ugh.

TheDrifter 23

I'm not sure if a 21st century baby name expert prevents that sort of travesty, or encourages it.

ninjaqueen101 18

Didn't you know they take scrabble tiles, throw them in the air, and however they land is what the baby's name shall be.

54 - That's how they come up with pokemon names

Come on now 58, everyone knows Pokemon names are super puns. There's more thought in them than that.

TheDrifter 23

The pre natal class a couple of my friends attend has one. Helps mothers to be who can't pick a name, looks up historical cultural figures and the etymology of words that might make good names etc.

That actually sounds like fun. I love etymology, though. I'm a bit of a word nerd. ;)

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

CharresBarkrey 15

Or her own name when she becomes a expert baby namer.