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By andy - 28/01/2013 04:36 - United States - Long Beach

Today, on my shift as a nurse, I asked a pregnant woman what she would name her child. She said she saw the name "Chlamydia" on a billboard and decided to name her daughter that, saying it was "beautiful." I informed her that it was an STD, and she replied, "Oh, well no one knows that!" FML
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i can see that name becoming infectious...

What a dumb bitch. I feel bad for that kid already.


i can see that name becoming infectious...

guess we can all assume she didn't read the rest of that billboard.

I guess you could call the child 'Clammy' or 'Dicky' as a nickname ... On second thoughts, nevermind.

StalkerChick 13

Sad thing is, I knew a girl named Klamidya (pronounced Chlamydia). I wonder if she ever got a legal name change. I would've done that exactly on my 18th birthday.

@47 I had a guy in my class named Castrat...

A girl in my high school art class was named ********, pronounced "Sha Theed"

SerenaSerenadex3 13

Someone in my math class's last name is Fokanov, pronounced fuckinoff.

I went to school with an Asian girl named, no lie, Atomic Ho.

7yzz 18

@129 LOL! and this girl is in Sydney??

I know a girl named La-a, pronounced Ladasha.

Harshdfml 14

Let it all happen... She will be the ruler of FML in the future.

I read this comment to the tune of God Bless America...

What a dumb bitch. I feel bad for that kid already.

Couldn't the father step in to change the name?

Mister_Triangle 21

I'm going to assume that a stupid mom who doesn't know what chlamydia is, is single and/or doesn't know who the father is

Either that or he learned his lesson and ran long ago.

skyeyez9 24

Or homeschooled and sheltered her entire life.

Dumb bitch she is. I bet she didn't even finish highschool to know what other STD's there are.

100 - homeschooled? Seriously? I take offense to that statement, but then again. Everything on here is offensive in one way or the other.

ulissey_fml 22

Leave that woman alone! She's done her piece.

100- ooh, a homeschooling joke! Really, not all of us are sheltered, stupid, anti-social little hobbits who's only friends are their siblings. I was homeschooled for 12 years and I turned out just fine.

lou_knee 6

Maybe you should have suggested Melena as an alternative?

Mister_Triangle 21

Or Chocolate Beefcake, or literally anything else short of Hitler AIDS

Melena would only work if their last name was stool. GOOGLE IT, PEOPLE!

seyrose 8

its better than "gonorrhoea" I suppose

BlackBlazeCobra 16

I hope she googled it once she got home...if not, the hospital better give her a serious lecture once the baby is born.

More like scolding, clearly she didn't pay attention to the lecture of what it was the first time around.

thatsucks4you 7

A woman like her probably isn't smart enough to use google, let alone a computer.

Will be the most tortured child at school!

My dad told me about how a former student of his was named Placenta. That was probably pretty rough also.

I can sense a new TLC program in the works...

nattynatters 14

I sense a new trend where kids sue their parents for pain and suffering caused by terrible names. Could TLC make a show out of that? What would it be called?

"My parents gave me an STD...for a name!"

RedPillSucks 31

She could be named Rhea, with a nickname of Ghona or Dia

"Growing Up Chlamydia" We might just be onto something...

ks23 9

F that kids life. And any other kids that moron might have.

Poor baby girl! That girl is going to be teased!