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Today, I overheard my wife and teenage daughter arguing. My wife was complaining that our daughter is unappreciative. "You should thank me for giving you life," she said. My daughter snapped, "I thank God for that, not you." My wife sighed and said, "He didn't have to sleep with your father." FML
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By  LadyRen  |  20

Without you her father your daughter wouldn’t exist. It wasn’t just your wife who “gave her life”. Seems wifey needs to learn marriage and kids take two people not just one.

By  0neiros  |  13

How I'd handle it, I'd pack a couple of bags, and tell her in front of the daughter - 'I Heard what you said and that has hurt me very badly. I'm going to take some time off and think about things. BTW She Didn't ask to be made. She was made by what I thought was an act between two people who loved each other, sorry if I was mistaken. She doesn't owe us anything for her existence As for appreciation It's apparent where her lack of it comes from. I really didn't know how little you thought of me until now. I'm leaving, good luck, try not killing each other."
Then go to the bank and draw out half, Or leave enough for bills and groceries, of what's in there and go get a motel room for a couple of days. Take no calls from them, pay the motel in cash so it doesn't show on the bank read out. Talk to your boss, if you have some vacation time coming, go on a trip, maybe to some place you've always wanted to go (If you have the money, if you don't get creative, but do for yourself for a bit) Either way think about what's in the marriage for you, because you deserve better than 2 unappreciative cut from the same cloth females.