Did you get your shots?

By It_gets_better - 02/12/2021 04:59

Today, my 75 year-old grandparents, who stubbornly refuse to be vaccinated, asked me to pick up their meds after they got COVID. I left work early to avoid the pharmacy line. After dropping them off, their pharmacy called: they didn't give me all of the meds, so I had to go back and wait another two hours in line. FML
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I’m concerned about why the pharmacy line was 2 hours long. Where the hell do you live??

Getting a serious enough case of Covid that they need to take meds for?


I'm waiting to hear what part of them getting vaccinated had to do with this

Getting a serious enough case of Covid that they need to take meds for?

People take meds for headache and muscle aches, calm down.

And also not being able to pick up their own meds

Did the pharmacy forget to give you their horse dewormer?

You should have been able to get bleach anywhere. Dr. Trump says that should fix Covid immediately.

Only if you combine it with direct injections of sunlight. Geez, don’t you know anything?

No, you need the light inside you! I'll bet you missed that day of Trump Online Med School. For only $40,000, I'm now licensed to practice medicine in any red state.

yep so many people that are vaccinated get covid. they don't want to be reminded of this.

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Yes they might still get it, BUT they also have a much milder case or no symptoms at all, rather than ICU/intubated or ya know.. dead. I'd rather get a little shot and have a much milder case than ignore health recommendations of people that have been in the field for decades than listen to some dumb but t on youtube about Do yOuR OwN ReSeArcH.

Yeah they do. They get the sniffles and bounce back, rather than take up hospital resources and ICU beds so tons of other people die because hospitals are too overwhelmed to perform life-saving surgeries. Pull. Your. Head. Out. Of. Your. Fucking. Ass. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

I’m concerned about why the pharmacy line was 2 hours long. Where the hell do you live??

I went to get the booster and the line in the pharmacy and the drive thru was all backed up because there were only two people working.

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For some reason that particular location is packed on evenings and weekends- I imaging they're very understaffed for being in a very busy part of town.

you chose to raise them in a way that would make them avoid thencovid vaccine. the grandparents are always responsible for how their grandchildren turned out.

People like your grandparents are why this pandemic won't go away. Think about it - smallpox, polio, Spanish influenza, all major pandemics that were eradicated when everyone - EVERYONE - got vaccinated against them. With COVID, even if you are vaccinated, you can still get it by coming into contact with a person who isn't vaccinated. If everyone got their shots, the likelihood of the virus spreading would decrease significantly, and eventually the thing would die out completely. This coming from someone who absolutely hates/is terrified of needles. Make them get their own damn medicine.