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Today, I confessed my feelings to the guy I've had the biggest crush on. He spent the next ten minutes calling me delusional, said that I know nothing about him, and laughed that "this isn't Twilight, for fuck's sake". All he did when I started crying was pat me on the head and leave. FML
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  TheDrifter  |  23

I'm inclined to say f her l, but it does depends on how she phrased pouring her heart out. If it contained multiple twilight references with over tones of 50 shades, he might be justified in saying "this isn't twilight"and calling her delusional.

  NeatNit  |  32

There have been a bit too many "there's a button for that" comments lately. However I don't wish them to simply go away; I wish for there to be no need for them anymore.

  hemz_fml  |  13

I agree, #1 should tell her how everything is going to be alright and how she's special and should ignore what happened to her like every other FML comment

By  Momo_Moonlight  |  25

Well, that was harsh of him, wasn't it? I'm sorry for you. But on the other side...did you ever get to know him? If you didn't then I kind of get his response. Still FYL indeed though.

  Misswildsides  |  22

^no, you don't. It was completely effed up for the guy to respond that way. The least he can do is be polite about it, not a total douchebag.
OP, you dodged a bullet. His response already tells a lot about him. I hope you find someone better!

  ballbearing  |  10

It depends... I had a guy insist he was mad in love with me, it bordered on harassment. I finally ripped him a new one and told him he did not love me as he didn't know me, had no idea what I was actually about. Usually, I don't advocate being a dick but depending on how annoying OP had been, sometimes it's the only way...

  Damian95  |  16

Well if she knew him Well and he acted like a jerk then she dodged a bullet. If she barely knew him and sprung that on him then I don't entirely blame him, even though he couldve been less rude about it.

  Lacist  |  19

Yeah some people don't know the difference between a crush, liking, maybe infatuation, and love. Although people have different meanings for each one. There isn't that much info in this and I don't know what happen before hand, so I can't really assume anything but he's probably an asshole anyway.

  queerdragon  |  20

He came across as a huge jerk. There was no need for a ten minute "you're delusional" speech. He could have approached this a hundred different ways.

However, I have been in situations where people just don't get it. I had one guy come up to me and profess his love for me. I had talked to him twice. I felt like I had been stalked. I told him I wasn't interested. He insisted I should give him a chance. I ended up having to be a bit mean to get it through his head that I did not find him attractive. However, it was not ten minutes of me ranting at him.

I have found that the best way to ask someone out is to try to get to know them. Don't pressure them to go on a date. Op would have saved face if she got to know the guy and found out he could be a bit of a jerk.

  DK_91  |  9

I do not see how this guy is a legend in any way you see it. if someone confesses to you that they like you, they're already giving you power over them. now depending on how she said it, she either went overboard and he responded with a proportional amount of reality or from what op said he was just taking advantage and unreasonably acted like a total dick. I don't see how rejecting someone in such a way makes you a legend.

  K410  |  18

He was harsh but she shouldn't have been so blunt about it and in a sense the guy was right she didn't know anything about him so how can you say you're in love with him? He could've been less mean about it but OP should've got to know him first so she knew he was a douche ahead of time lol

  DK_91  |  9

I don't imagine its even about the guy specifically she went out of her way and put herself in a vulnerable position and from how op described it he responded by not only rejecting her but insulting her that's kind of harsh especially if she say this guy as a friend. imagine you go out of your way to flirt with a girl at the bar and not only she rejects you, she insults you in the same manner. I'm sure it happens to guys all the intended time actually, but I know I would have a hard time.

  hooligyn123  |  18

I may be completely wrong but I'm guessing OP's name is Bella, judging by the username. that may be where the twilight part came in... if so I feel incredibly bad for OP. that name is ruined for at least another 10 years .

By  kaitlynjane  |  28

He sounds like a dick. It may hurt now, but just imagine what he would be like as a boyfriend. I'm sorry OP, but maybe it's better that you know what an ass he is. Try not to waste anymore time on him.