By Dear Lord Save Me - United Kingdom - Merthyr Tydfil
Today, I was shopping with my dad and I saw one of my guy friends, so we waved and smiled at each other. My dad clearly thought his wave was too "romantic", because he shouted at him, "Touch her, and I'll kill you." FML
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  malea_17  |  16

My dad is an overly protective father. I know he means well but I'm not allowed to date or leave the house except for school an work. He even questions when I say I'm going to church

  Cely988  |  29

#49 Neither extremes are good. Letting your kids go crazy isn't good but restricting your kids from their friends and being overprotective isn't great either.That's just my opinion on it.

  IamHercules  |  24

#50 you are right. Neither one is good. But sometimes parents HAVE to be over protective (with wild kids for example). But there are some parents that go too far and try to control every aspect of their children's lives. I can say this because I am a survivor of such parents.

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

My Dad isn't overprotective, he never tried to control me, and accepts dating and sex are a part of normal life. Didn't end up having sex as a teenager even.
Locking kids up means they just get more creative. Honesty and trust win.

By  itsalanis  |  24

Protective dads are the way they be. Some do it well, while others take it a bit too far, like we have here. I'm not sure what OP's situation is with her father, but I can only hope it's all taken lightly. c:

  brasiliano  |  16

Just one step away from hitting u if he is that possessive.
Unfortunately people like u will never understand how bad that is and will stay with him no matter what.