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Today, I told my crush of two years that I love him. He responded with an, "Aww, I'm sorry." and a pity hug. FML
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RedPillSucks 31

At least he didn't laugh in your face. Next time, bust da move earlier than two years.


Rico_Mal1116 0

Atleast he put it in a nice way.

cheex87 0

idk. love is such a strong feeling, maybe he was taken aback and didn't know how to respond.

C6Racer 0

He probably feels nothing for her and may have felt sorry about it.

Ouch might have damaged your self esteem un poco

FMLoverAgain 7

he's not for you. He is a man's man.

that's prolly gonna be awkward lol and love the profile pic!!

Hmmm_ok 0

screw that... everyone one is all boohoo for this but if it was the other way around you'd tell the dude to suck it up..... Sooooo here | ^Its a straw.. suck it up

#88 I believe your shirt has become unbuttoned and your cleavage is showing.... just thought you should know

hahaha 127, I'll be using that straw line:)

fml_psl 0

yes, it could be that he was confused wat to reply. try talking to him again.

Hide_Yo_Kids 0

#174 ever heard of sarcasm?

RedPillSucks 31

At least he didn't laugh in your face. Next time, bust da move earlier than two years.

fml_psl 0

yeah, this happens often. 2yrs is long time

Yeah exactly, at least he was nice about it.

You can't expect a guy to like u just because you like them, so at least he wasn't mean about it

awww. that's boo. I'm sure you can do better ;)

tronlegacy 3

thats ur fault for waiting for two years

He was quite understanding, a moron would have made fun of you

jazziness 12

if I were him I'd be a little creeped out

Creeped out? Jeez.That's a new one.So if someone would like to pull a prank on you all he/she had to do is say that he/she loves you.Good one.

Alicia17C 2

2 yrs without mentioning any feelings and then suddenly proclaiming love is creepy!

i don't think it's creepy... it's just not the best thing to do.

A better approach might have been to ask him out to assess his interest instead of professing your love. If I were interested in someone but didn't know them very well, I would probably be turned off if they suddenly expressed much stronger feelings than me. Also, when I was younger I totally ruined my chances with a guy I really liked by doing something similar...we had been friends for a while, but he was in a relationship. A bit after their relationship ultimately ended, he expressed interest in me, but in the meantime I had completely fallen for him when he had probably only barely started thinking about whether he had feelings for me in return. I don't consider myself a scary person, but I did manage to scare him off :P At least the OP's crush responded in as gentle of a way as possible.

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Someone got bored and had nothing but a pen, and no paper.^^

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