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Today, I told my crush of two years that I love him. He responded with an, "Aww, I'm sorry." and a pity hug. FML
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Aww, I'm sorry. *pity hug*

RedPillSucks 31

At least he didn't laugh in your face. Next time, bust da move earlier than two years.


Yeah, sorry about that.

Rico_Mal1116 0

Atleast he put it in a nice way.

cheex87 0

idk. love is such a strong feeling, maybe he was taken aback and didn't know how to respond.

C6Racer 0

He probably feels nothing for her and may have felt sorry about it.

uh on to the next

You can still be friends.

Ouch might have damaged your self esteem un poco

FMLoverAgain 7

he's not for you. He is a man's man.

that's prolly gonna be awkward lol and love the profile pic!!

Hmmm_ok 0

screw that... everyone one is all boohoo for this but if it was the other way around you'd tell the dude to suck it up..... Sooooo here | ^Its a straw.. suck it up

atleast she got a hug

#88 I believe your shirt has become unbuttoned and your cleavage is showing.... just thought you should know

hahaha 127, I'll be using that straw line:)

fml_psl 0

yes, it could be that he was confused wat to reply. try talking to him again.

#137 I think she aredy knows dumbass

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#174 ever heard of sarcasm?

he has officially "crushed" you.

the crushee has been crushed

Ask him if he would like his nuts crushed while the crushing is going on.

successful troll is successful

F14Shado 0

2 - win. 28 - fail.


28 Fail

Right when 2 won the game, 28 lost it. Thanks.

leoisthebestt123 0

your fuckin hott.. yumm(:

Aww, I'm sorry. *pity hug*

Alicia17C 2

lol nice

That's probably his go-to line after sex, too.

Yeah, I apologize.

I dont, youre clingy and just a pain in the ass, longest pity hug Ive ever seen.

It's too late!!!!!!

hey, hey, hey....

I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you!

RedPillSucks 31

At least he didn't laugh in your face. Next time, bust da move earlier than two years.

fml_psl 0

yeah, this happens often. 2yrs is long time

Yeah exactly, at least he was nice about it.

You can't expect a guy to like u just because you like them, so at least he wasn't mean about it

awww. that's boo. I'm sure you can do better ;)

tronlegacy 3

thats ur fault for waiting for two years

He was quite understanding, a moron would have made fun of you

jazziness 12

if I were him I'd be a little creeped out

Creeped out? Jeez.That's a new one.So if someone would like to pull a prank on you all he/she had to do is say that he/she loves you.Good one.

Alicia17C 2

2 yrs without mentioning any feelings and then suddenly proclaiming love is creepy!

i don't think it's creepy... it's just not the best thing to do.

A better approach might have been to ask him out to assess his interest instead of professing your love. If I were interested in someone but didn't know them very well, I would probably be turned off if they suddenly expressed much stronger feelings than me. Also, when I was younger I totally ruined my chances with a guy I really liked by doing something similar...we had been friends for a while, but he was in a relationship. A bit after their relationship ultimately ended, he expressed interest in me, but in the meantime I had completely fallen for him when he had probably only barely started thinking about whether he had feelings for me in return. I don't consider myself a scary person, but I did manage to scare him off :P At least the OP's crush responded in as gentle of a way as possible.

Ya even I'm a little creeped out.

ohmygod I moderated this onee :D scoree(y)

Someone got bored and had nothing but a pen, and no paper.^^

good for youu.

Ha ha you got me.

good for mee:D

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okay; the world will not end because I wrote like that. not everyone is perfect . you just like to look around for mistakes and point them out to make someone feel bad.

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