By DamnTornadoAlley - 30/08/2012 05:55 - United States - Wichita Falls

Today, I had to force myself to take a dump at school, even though I have severe restroom anxiety and shyness. I had finally relaxed enough to go when the tornado drills went off mid-dump, and 46 students and teachers packed into the bathroom with me. FML
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As the fables of old say: That's a pretty shitty situation.

msCherry973 2

Look on the bright side, you were the first one to safety :-)


As the fables of old say: That's a pretty shitty situation.

That's a pretty 'crappy' attempt at a pun. Dont you have anything better to say?

Why would the whole school go into the washroom during a tornado bs

HunterAlpha1 8

you need to eat some chocolate to help flush away the humiliation.

3: Funny, but you're dating yourself with this 12 year old American pie reference

How do you break shit? Wouldn't it just liquefy?

30- sheesh man I can't believe it's been 12 years. Now I feel old.

gmc_blossom 21

46, 49: Agreed and agreed. Let's just take solace in the fact that we all still got the joke, even in our old age (our mid-twenties).

Hey Doctor Hook, I have no problem dating myself. I have great taste in music, love great food and humor, and I'm incredible in the sack. I also have a tight 25 yr old (that's right!) body- but I'm still a bit too petite to properly stick a flute up my pussy. Alas.

For the record, sticking a flute up one's pussy is a rather bad idea. I speak from experience. Don't judge me.

msCherry973 2

Look on the bright side, you were the first one to safety :-)

And probably the only one saying "safety", due to the stench and squeaky fart noises.

SeedlessMe 13

45- They do the doorknob game in Canada?! I had no idea it was that widespread...

Its been around here for a long time you have no idea!

Because the sturdy bathroom stalls will provide enough protection from a raging tornado. Logic.

In the bathrooms at my school, there are no windows and the walls are made out of concrete with steel beams in the ceiling. If OP's school is like mine than it would probably give adequete protection.

Kind of like if huddling under you desk is going to protect you from a nuke.

If its anything like my school the bathrooms have very large 6 foot windows.

devandanae 11

They wouldn't send them Somewhere with windows even in a drill by the way.

Omg!!! I totally know what you mean!!! How insightful!

What an incredibly intelligent comment... Next time, either say something worthwhile or shut the hell up.

Faatz 4

I hope you werent having explosive diareaha.

Even though you pooped out that word you still have a valid point.

Right, because you can choose when and where to have EXPLOSIVE diarrhea...

NickPaulson 6

People always are so concerned with germs, but we need germs, it helps build up a tolerance to it, we have to face them at some point, the world isn't sterile

51- I guess you shouldn't use your phone then. It's dirtier than a public toilet seat.

*plop* Students and teachers: "huh? What was that? Is somebody taking a dump?" Op- curls up to themselves near an anxiety attack Poor Op :(

No shit (no pun intended), that's why it's on this website.

lovemesomeanth 2

Taking a dump at school is the worst, especially when someone else in the bathroom knows you're doing it, so you have to wait them out and be late to class.

wubbazugg 5

That's just immature. Any student gave me that bs excuse, would fly about as well as an iron pig.

My friend always walks to a nearby stadium if he needs to take a shit during school time because the bathrooms there are much cleaner. It also makes him 20 minutes late to class most of the time, but at least he doesn't have to deal with other students hearing him.