By unhappyelf - 14/11/2011 21:53 - United States

Today, my boss insisted that we get in the holiday mood by putting up lights, playing Christmas music, and wearing bells on our uniforms. It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I can't even have a tinkle without full-blown jingling. FML
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ReinaJay 13

Does everyone just forget about Thanksgiving?

I totally though of Micheal from The Office when I read this. :)


Hear those sleigh bella ring-a-ling ting ting tinklin...

xosportsgirl14x 8

Seriously. Think how must awkward that be, considering most people try to be quiet when peeing in public.

Well at least it's Christmas he's making you celebrate and not Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or something ;)

Moonsorrow_fml 0

60 is obviously one of "those" christians.

And what exactly is wrong with those holidays? Celebrating Hannukah entails eating a shit ton of fried foods!

leogirl95 12

It's Christmas...we're all in misery. (From Christmas Vacation)

My conclusion: He's an asshole... Am I allowed to say that?

#60 Why didn't you include Robanukah?

ReinaJay 13

Does everyone just forget about Thanksgiving?

Maybe not everyone, but OP's boss apparently does.

Here in Canada, it already passed! Next holiday is christmas.

harbqll 0

Who says you can't have two months of Christmas, AND do Thanksgiving? Don't be such a Scrooge.

cjguthrie 8

No to my family thanksgiving is huge in our family same with Easter and stuff pike that but we all are big into civil rights and our religion of christianity

How can we forget about Thanksgiving? The day after that is Black Friday! :D But seriously, unless you're selling turkeys, you're not gonna care about Thanksgiving. Christmas is what makes all the money.

ceilingfans 1

Your boss is awesome. Don't argue.

KiddNYC1O 20

Christmas is awesome. The boss is just trying to keep it alive because let's be serious, as you get older, Christmas just isn't the same...

Wonder if he listens to Justin Bieber... That could have gotten him into the Christmas spirit.

palahniukpaul 6
FYLDeep 25

Anyone who's ever worked retail knows that the holiday mood isn't a good mood.

I think it's worse when the christmas theme stays till February.

reminds me of scrubs JD breaks up with a girl for singing Christmas carols in summer. (IT WAS AUGUST THE WEATHER WAS FAR FROM FRIGHTFUL!)

chickenwalrus 14

Can't tingle without a jingle

CalCommando 6

It's never too early to spread holiday cheer! ****, who am I kidding, I hate people like your boss.

Christmas cheer starts on the 1st December. It must be gone by 12th January. Otherwise I get the opposite of cheery. The homicidal opposite.

I would prefer 'tinkling' to a jingle than hearing plops from a cubicle!