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  Plop  |  14

I think the tried and trusted method to win a guy's heart is a quick blowjob in the bathroom. If it doesn't work, OP just needs to keep trying harder!

By  andrewgr  |  2

It happens at some point to almost everyone who is brave enough to take that risk. Looking back on my life, my biggest regret is of all the things I didn't try because I was scared of rejection, or of looking foolish. Please don't make the same mistake that I did-- shake this off, recognize that mutual attraction has as much to do with pheromones as it does with your looks or personality, and don't stop putting yourself out there!

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

You know, while it’ll hurt in the moment, and perhaps feel awkward for now, at least you told him how you feel vs never telling him. I’ve been there where people seem like they’re into you but it turns out they’re just being sociable and friendly. My advice to you is you may not know it now, but perhaps he’s not the one you’re meant to get together with, & that person’s coming in the near future.