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That's a very arbitrary figure. How long were you sat at your computer for trying to pick a number that seemed random, but would make me appear to be extra creepy? Oh, and to reiterate, I'm no stalker.

By  Luke16eirb7deneuwn1  |  20

You propably dodged a bullet there. Someone who would mess with somebody elses feelings for money... I don't know if I wanted to be friends with someone like that. Not to speak of in a relationship...

  Sinshine  |  27

How is that self inflicted?? I wonder how you get into relationships but people usually tell each other that they like each other. That includes both people...

By  Chazzster  |  20

OP - Today you discovered your crush is a jerk, and whoever paid them is an even bigger jerk. That’s sad and upsetting. But now you should write off that crush and hopefully move on to someone who might reciprocate your feelings.

That’s one of the hard lessons in life - Not everyone we think we love or like will return those feelings. That’s why it’s best to move just one step at a time. If we see the person is interested and receptive then you can move to the next step. If they aren’t you do not come off as way too eager or as a potential stalker.