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By poopooppachuu - 11/10/2011 07:32 - United States

Today, in the middle of explaining over the phone to my crush how I felt about him, I got a text from his best friend, who was apparently with him at the time. It said, "He doesn't like you, get over it. Stop rambling." FML
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At least he didn't try to lead you on. I'd rather someone be up front than play games.

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True..Sometimes it's just better to flat out hear it than to keep wondering

I agree. I'd rather find out the way you did than to waste more time trying to express my feelings. It was really harsh, but at least you weren't face to face, and if you both are mature enough you can put this behind you and go on like nothing happened. Plus you can avoid him til you get over it.

cradle6 13

Agreed with 77. It's: "Today, I just rejected. I'm a girl. FML." Rejection sucks, I agree, but it's part of life. For guys especially as the social dynamic requires guys to usually make the first move. At least you know early on, so you can ditch him, and move on.

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He's a dick because he doesn't like her? Hmm... interesting thought process.

ikickgingers 15

4 - What you wrote and what I read were two different beasts all together. I wasted my thumb on you, bareback and all.

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So apparently, if you don't like someone now your a dick..? Interesting.

That always happens 2 me. He's not worth your time op. U can do way better

Sunny_Eclipse 6

You always call guys up to find that you're best friend is dating them?

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Ah, I'm sorry, the guy's best friend.

I was about to comment how you didn't read it right but then you realised that yourself

Why do people always say "They're not worth your time. You could do better!" How do you know they can do better? Maybe OP is a really shitty person, maybe not. You shouldn't speak in absolutes about something you don't know or understand.

hebron77 0

It was the friend of the crush that was being a jerk about it, not the crush. the crush could have been a sweet guy but we don't know.

biggee531 7

At least he didn't try to lead you on. I'd rather someone be up front than play games.

signuplogin 1

Yeah but I would rather Him tell me himself and not through text

biggee531 7

Texting is a form of communication like everything else. Sure it takes a little more balls to tell you face to face or over the phone, but he's still communicating with you.

auddylynne 0

Ya mee too honestly. It might hurt for a while but I think it'd be a lot easier to get over then if he just never told me to my face and was just leading me on

I hate when bbf gets in the relationship

cbdee 8

What relationship? She was -explaining- to some guy how she liked him, doesn't sound like there was a relationship to me...

oh u are right! my fault! but its still be true ;)

No, it's not true lol they're not in a relationship.

I think she means it's still true, like in general

nollid7 5

You're a dumbass, there are signs OP

You're the dumbass. You can't always see the signs. And sometimes, you don't want to. Im guessing that with your personality, you notice the signs when people run away from you.

Im2Handsom 1

That may not be the truth op, your friend probably said that because he was digging you, just for you to stop talking to him. If so **** her.

Sonic_boomerang 5

It was his best friend not OPs

He means that ops crush's friend likes op and txted her saying her crush doesn't like her so he could go out with her...... Ik pretty confusing

At least you're finding this out now instead of him taking you on a pity date. Sucks, but move on, OP. Always another fish in the sea. :)

Yeah 'cus it's much more fun being shot down face to face

There are alot of reasons why telling it face to face is better. And one of them is that , you can make an impression and deliver feelings that u cant do with just a vocal conversation.

Also, you could pick up on the guys reaction, and stop rambling if you notice he's not interested. Also, you can make sure he actually has time to listen to your shit, isn't busy, and is alone, for some privacy.