By cheat - 18/10/2009 11:30 - United States

Today, I cheated at card games to let my boyfriend win. I did it because I don't like him to throw the cards at me when I win. Now he just thinks I'm 'so slow a turtle could kick my ass' and that he has 'a cute little bubbly spud-brained girlfriend.' FML
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You should dump him He's an ass

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Wow, your boyfriend is a douche.


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You should dump him He's an ass

definitely. What an immature prick. dump his sorry ass

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Eh. If she's still with him, then he's right. Way to fulfill his expectations by continuing to take his condescending, childish abuse. He has issues for treating you that way, but you have issues for still being there. You may just be made for eachother.

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Before anyone else chimes in with 'dump him'.. Figure out if you'd rather a guy you like let you win every card game, & 'sorry dear' if not. Haha. Especially if you can tell they think it will improve their odds with winning you over. How borin' Argue as much as you like, but every girl is going to be drawn to whoever drives them crazy. A little harmless teasing goes a long way. I'm sorry you didn't get it. Lol! :]

Throwing a huge ass fit every time he loses... she should have dumped this long before him. Now he's being a sore winner, a total ass again, she should /definitely/ dump him. This isn't a "little teasing" this is a guy who can't grow the **** up.

lol my 6 year niece does that when she loses. You need to find a more mature boyfriend.

And you're still with him because? You're just as bad as he is.

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Throwing cards or throwing fits? It's great you know what's tearing their lives apart, after just reading 2 lines on a couple's card game. You must be really gifted. It just so happens that I have the same gift! So after chatting with you for a little, I finally have a solution for your problem getting laid! MSG!

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you cheated at cards to let him win? dump him, btw. If he calls you a retarded girlfriend dump him and eat his children of the future. (ok, so maybe not the last part)

Throwing cards because he loses constitutes as throwing a fit. Or did your parents treat you extra special all your life? Also, your argument has already been rendered invalid for trying to insult my sex life as part of your "argument." We call that a Red Herring fallacy; bringing up unrelated topics in your argument, diverting from the actual issue at hand. Or, it could be considered ad hominem; bringing up something against me as an attack on my character to somehow strengthen your argument.

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If I say yes, I come off as a self-centered bitch. If I say no, I come off as someone with low self-esteem. If I say maybe, or any other indirect answer, I come off as not wanting to admit that I am not cute. Oh, the choices.

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You could come across as someone who treats everybody like a case study. You haven't done much of that today. Haha. I'm just giving you a hard time. You're alright. Gotta run, though. Seeya.

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But you know better, don't you OP? Or do you? After all, you were the one who decided to throw the game to soothe his precious ego. How clever was that?

YDI for dating someone who sucks at cards and gets upset about it.

my god, he has anger issues, is overly competitive, and annoying. YDI for being with an annoying prick, find someone better.

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haha that's when you rematch him and kick his ass

Sorry OP, I have to go with ydi for lowering yourself and throwing the game. My husband also has a hard time loosing, he doesn't throw cards like a child or become a shit head when he wins, but he gets grumpy. I would never throw a game to avoid his bullshit, he needs to learn to loose. But your guy sounds like a child, unless you guys are teens, this is too much for an adult to put up with. This will manifest in other aspects of your relationship. I suggest stop catering to his childishness and face the issue. If he can't grow up, time to go. If you are teens, dump him and tell him why, let him learn from it, you are too young to lower yourself for a boy!

That's juss stupid. Shudda made his ass pick up the cards when you won. So ydi. N

You're calling her stupid when you're grammar and spelling is atrocious. You know, if you want anyone to ever treat you as a smart, independent woman, you need to spell properly, and probably speak properly, too. Moron.

140, I respect that you're correcting grammar, but you used "you're" instead of "your" in your comment.

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Wow, your boyfriend is a douche.

Exactly... it's called break up with the asshole or stop bitching because you obviously don't mind dating such a moron.

he's a terrible sport. he needs to realize that it's not mature to get mad when he loses

there are those of us in texas who do respect women kick to the curb and move on

He's an idiot, dump him. He's the retarded one for throwing cards when you win. I'm sure you're much better than this.

I have to agree with everyone else, please dump your boyfriend! If he reacts that badly to a card game, I'm concerned as to how he would react to bigger things in life that really matter. Please get out as soon as possible, for your own good. I realise it would be hard, but it's for the best!

I would've just socked him. Nobody should be treated that way just because of a stupid card game! Jeez just dump him.

I would not advise dumping him... he would probably become enraged and would physically harm you. The bigger issue here is... why are you attracted to abusive guys? Your life will not improve until you can figure out the answer to that question.

imo, you're looking at this the wrong way. the way you're stating it, it makes the OP's situation sound like some sort of zero-sum zen riddle where if she leaves her boyfriend, she gets assaulted, and if she doesn't leave her boyfriend, she gets assaulted, but i don't necessarily see a guy who throws cards as a danger to beat her RIGHT NOW, while if she inadvertently encourages that behavior by not doing anything about it, it could easily snowball to the point where he does become actually abusive. basically, i don't see any real downside to her dumping him now, and if it does become bad, she can always file for a restraining order or any other preventative measure. ughhhh so many dependent clauses, i'm so ashamed of myself