By michelle - 05/02/2010 19:01 - France

Today, I found out why my boyfriend wouldn't answer his phone last night. He was hanging out with our mutual friend all night. She had been texting me all night about what great sex she was having. My boyfriend was the only person there besides her brother. FML
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OP: The situation is totally messed up and Im sorry but think about it. Since when does great sex allow you to text a play by play? Great sex takes the effort of both partners and you need your hands. And if you have enough thought to text someone it's not even good sex much less great. When your body is being ravished and you're orgasms are coming hard sorry but you can't think of anything else. So take pleasure in the fact that if they were having sex: they sucked at it.

can't have been that great if she had taken the time out to text you!

look on the bright side, could have been incest..

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I agree with could always hope for wincest.

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My Balls said that last night

She's ******* her brother?! Nasty bitch.

thats not true i can last an hour or more doing IT. i always bring my my iphoneand i text, ping, talk into my headset, listen to enigma, play video games. im typing this while im getting a bj. Wowwwwwwwwwww

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No. You wish you were, though.

if someone would ever do that to me- I'd kick their ass- that was a dumb comment- you saying that you do that shit while you get shit- haha- your lame and don't understand the meaning of sex ugly dumb ****

Why was she having sex with her brother? I can only imagine her boyfriend was videotaping the event if he was the only other one there.

#74. you know you are pathetic when you say how long you wish you could last on fml. just saying

to dog it obviosly was the brothers fault

did he just say "doing it?" I haven't heard that phrase since seventh grade.

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Well the op is in France so Id'e have to guess it's with both men.

first. maybe she likes insest and got ur bf to film it lol

Hate to break it to ya Jen_J_the_J, but you're second. ;) And that sucks, OP, sorry. :(

Eww a threesome with her brother that's just nasty.

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Let's hope there was incest going on for the sake of your relationship :D

Wow your friends a *****! You should dump his ass

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HAHA SUCKS FOR YOU, ur ugly or unsatisfying so he goes to ur friend. i feel bad for you :/ welllll, time to move on. :D

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Or maybe he's just an ass hole.

10 is an asshole and so is op's boyfriend.

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Whatta bitch. She knew she was sleeping with your man, and she TEXTS you while she's at it?! That's SICK.