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Today, I got roped into a volunteering thing at the last minute. I was waiting outside with all these kids who looked hungry. Feeling bad, I passed around crisps and cookies. Turns out we were at a convention to promote healthy eating in malnourished children. FML
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whiteangel361 10

Raisin cookies! Jk, no one eats those.

My question is, if kids are malnourished, they probably can't afford food. How are they going to pay for food that is more "healthy" when it is more expensive than junk food?

if they wanted to promote eating healthy then why are cookies there in the first place

32: Malnourished doesn't always mean poor children. There are many people in the US who are malnourished just because they don't take in the right amount of vitamins or nutrients.

That must have been a weight on your mind!

AHzulu 25

That obviously sucked just like #2's joke!

It didn't suck as bad as your comment though.

Kyle1dc 17

no need to be rude #3! obviously the opportunity for the joke was too sweet for #2 to resist...

Now kids these kind of food are the ones you should definitely avoid.

JadeWinter 16

Well the good intentions were there at least. I mean, everyone loves free food right?

Criminallylnsane 13

They didn't even tell you what you're volunteering for?

SuperMew 22

1. Make sure you know what you are volunteering for. 2. I am sure starving kids were excited to get some sweets. I know they should be healthy, but sometimes you have to give in and enjoy some sweet things.

If you are "roped into" volunteering, it isn't volunteering.

RussRuss 7

And you can teach them to enjoy junk food in moderation!!

If the children are malnourished, wouldn't giving them high calorie food be a good thing? Because, you know, calories aren't bad, it's just that too many is bad, and if you're malnourished, it's because you're not getting enough calories.

I think you might be mixing malnourishment and undernourishment up. They are not necessarily the same thing; malnourishment mostly means improper diet.

Oh really? Because I've never heard an obese person described as malnourished. That just sounds odd to me.

It's possibly a lesser used term, and a malnourished person need not be under or overweight, just getting the wrong balance of nutrients.

Malnourishment is the lack of a satisfactory amount of vitamins/minerals/nutrient. You can be morbidly obese, but I you're only eating junk or take away you're not going to be meeting the requirements for nutrients and things, and thus be considered "malnourished".