By Jacquelinez - 20/05/2012 18:20 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I went mini golfing with his family. We had a competition going on, and when I managed to get two consecutive holes in one, he started seething and muttered that I'm dangerously close to becoming single. FML
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mini golf is serious shit

This is the part where you shove your putter up his arse and yell "HOLE IN ONE".


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Sounds like he is a sore loser. Better run.

I hate it when guys get embarrassed when girls are better at things. I like it when guys are ok with it.

Oh, okay 1.. cause i'm sure that would solve all their relationship problems.

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41, it would appear that your sarcasm detector needs new batteries.

It's hilariously ironic how you can say that but not understand HER sarcasm, 41.

LOL! I thought the FML was funny! Some people ( gals and guys) get so competitive! I hate losing!

I think you can tell a lot about a man by his reaction when he is not the best at something. My Hamud is proud that I am a good shot and doesnt get mad that this means he is not as good with guns. He is better at many things.

Lol That's awesome

If you can't beat her in mini golf join her.

Just take her paintballing after.

I disagree. He sounds like a prick. Your call though

That's what I said, too.

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There is a difference between sarcasm and using a crappy overused comment.

You just questioned his manhood. Don't ever do that...

#70 i've never seen that comment used on this site before. I'd say it's not that over used at all.

I don't know. Some people are way too competitive over such shit like that, and always get best of some people. It's better to have fun than striking one.

I hope he solves his jealously issues before marriage or they should end their relationship now

That's not a jealousy issue. He's probably just very competitive.

If I heard that, I probably would've said, "Oh yeah? You're dangerously close to losing this game."

You're a fucking genius, 118. That was hilarious.

mini golf is serious shit

This is why we have the thumbs up/ thumbs down feature. Instead of making a comment saying " I agree," you just hit that thumbs up button.

Yes it is... ... Maybe that's why my previous girlfriend broke up with me a while back

It's not your fault you're awesome! Tell him to bugger off. :]

I'd wait 'til the end of the game, then say "hey honey, just like this game we're over." Anyone who'd break up with you over a game isn't worth your time.

Yet your telling op to break up with him over a game @51

Not over a game - over his immaturity and obvious anger issues.

5- Haah!! I love your shirt!

Ah sweet Jesus. The fact that you capitalized and used correct punctuation satisfies me! It's hard to believe that a grammar enthusiast site is allowing that sort of behavior.

96 & 117. Thank you!

This is the part where you shove your putter up his arse and yell "HOLE IN ONE".

Or tell him that he's not getting any hole in ones anytime soon

No need for that, he's already got the asshole part covered.

12 - Then maybe a little hole 2 action? ;)

What "Hole 2"? He's a guy:0

This just totally made my day ;)

49 - Op is a girl.

If he gets that mad over mini golf, I can't even imagine what it would be like over Xbox. FYL.

Lol X-box can get pretty intense. :)

Especially against with us girl gamers. :/

PC master race!

What a sore looser. You'd be better off withought an immature person like that, op.

Set a shot to HIS balls......

You can never mess with a male's ego...

Quick tell me how huge my johnson is or I might feel... in adequate D: Real men can take a licking and keep on ticking!