By Anonymous - 25/10/2008 16:54

Today, it has been a year and a half since my boyfriend discovered online poker. Annoyed to see him spending every evening playing on his laptop, I threatened him: “Now honey, you have to choose. It’s your poker or me!” Answer: “You are bluffing!” FML
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Probably is fake. but this sounds like my boyfriend! He plays in online tournaments like every night!

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this is the stupidest story i've ever heard

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I'm pretty sure stupidest is a superlative adjective, so it's technically a word.

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no I disagree, I do not think it is funny :P just kidding, it is pretty damn funny

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you choose an ass, you deserve it.

im pretty sure this is a joke, but if it really happened, at least he is a clever guy :D

somethign called giving the guy the boot out of your home. Well he can do tons of stuff vertioaly but still real life is betterISH