By Anonymous - 25/10/2008 16:54

Today, it has been a year and a half since my boyfriend discovered online poker. Annoyed to see him spending every evening playing on his laptop, I threatened him: “Now honey, you have to choose. It’s your poker or me!” Answer: “You are bluffing!” FML
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Your boyfriend is funny.

Double meaning/pun is funny.


Probably is fake. but this sounds like my boyfriend! He plays in online tournaments like every night!

Your boyfriend is funny.

this is the stupidest story i've ever heard

you're stupid for saying stupidest

I'm pretty sure stupidest is a superlative adjective, so it's technically a word.

Double meaning/pun is funny.

lol, that's funny.

no I disagree, I do not think it is funny :P just kidding, it is pretty damn funny

you choose an ass, you deserve it.

im pretty sure this is a joke, but if it really happened, at least he is a clever guy :D

somethign called giving the guy the boot out of your home. Well he can do tons of stuff vertioaly but still real life is betterISH