By Amy - 10/01/2013 05:09 - United States

Today, I caught my boyfriend wearing yoga pants and taking pictures of his butt to post on a "Girls in yoga pants" site. He saw my expression and said, "Nah, it's cool, I hid my junk so they'll think it's a chick!" FML
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He enjoys the idea of guys jerking off to pictures of him?

saIty 17

There is a girl in yoga pants website?!? Time for uh.. Research...


braja3249 4

He enjoys the idea of guys jerking off to pictures of him?

New resume item: Owner, 1-million-views sexy butt.

Really? Is that what passes for **** these days? What happened to, oh I don't know, ****? I miss the days when this stuff was simple.

I'm with you Doc. Bring on cavepainting sex!!!!!!

He probably just wants to see how many guys are actually gonna think he's a chick and laugh at how dumb they are secretly knowing he's a's like an evil prank lol

**** is still around, but these yoga pants sites, this.... IS WHERE IT'S AT!! Just kidding, this is pretty lame. At first I thought the fml read "I caught my boyfriend wearing my thong" because of how many times that has appeared on here. I think that might be a bigger issue. Hehe

32 in case nobody has told you that before... if you like something, you don't have to ********** to it. Some people like girls in yoga pants. Some people like videos of girls blowing up balloons. Some people like redheads. But that's not necessarily a "fap material".

One does not simply watch videos of girls and not fap to it..

#32- Are you a girl? Cuz that's something a girl would say. A guy would know perfectly well that men don't look at pix and vids of things than sexually stimulate them and not fap.

#58, not #32. Too early in the morning lol.

66 ~ Yep, because every guy is exactly the same and completely incapable of exercising basic self control ~

My boyfriend did the same thing. I was the one who took the picture then we were laughing at the guys who thought it was "hot".

saIty 17

There is a girl in yoga pants website?!? Time for uh.. Research...

Bad idea; you might end up jerking off to guys in yoga pants. ;P

Mister_Triangle 21

There are pictures on the Internet!?

infaith 5

what is this Internet you speak of?

Whaaaaaat734 6

Was he wearing your yoga pants..?This seems so unusual, I can usually justify the dumb shit guys do. Not today..

The justification is right there in the FML.

ee13lbp 4

Seems like he may enjoy playing "dress up and act like the opposite sex"... Any way to relate this to Freudian studies and theories, anyone?

Mister_Triangle 21

Nope. Sometimes a cigar in yoga pants is just a cigar in yoga pants.

Well if there's anyone who can take the humor out of an FML, it's Freud. So, lets not bring him into it.

I'm sure half of these people don't know who Freud is, you have to learn to keep intelligence away from some places.

tj5810 21

87- Seriously? I'm positive there's many people in the FML community with more intelligence than you give them credit for.

Isn't Freud someone who wrote a book on psychology? I'm sorry I've heard the name from my parents, they're psychologists that's the connection I made

Hey, I watched that Tommy Lee/ Pam Anderson sex tape and even he tucked and hid that monster! (after he honked the boat horn, of course) Very shocking but I heard lots of guys do it.

My partner has done it while nude in bed before, because it creeps me out. Men are weird sometimes.

Mine does it too. I told him if he continues, I just might turn into a lesbian. Yeah, he still does it. :P

I'm assuming "honking the boat horn" means boinking Pamela Anderson, right?

He honked the boat horn with his junk.. Literally.. Lol

Ha! You use the word boinking as well?? I have new found intrigue and respect for you Doc.

aliyourpally 12

After he posts that picture he should wait a few days then post another where he turns around and shows his face. All the guys that jacked off to that one will get a nice surprise;D

Mf2307 15