By mybfthecrossdresser - 20/01/2015 15:08 - Australia - Scarborough

Today, I found out my boyfriend dresses in my underwear and tights, takes suggestive shots of his ass and legs, and uses them to trick people into thinking he's a girl so they buy him stuff in his online games. FML
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Clever bastard, I've never seen that one before...

Lebeaugars95 20

He saw the opportunity and he went for it


Clever bastard, I've never seen that one before...

You've probably seen it. Just never knew I was there... That's how a true cross dressing ninja rolls.

For me it's just easier to pretend to be gay, but to each his own, I suppose.

chillandfun 12

Clearly Op's boyfriend is going far in life. He's quite the innovator.

zman92 13

check out tumblr, it happens all the time.

not clever at all. 100x easier googling random photos and probably better pics than the one he took...

incoherentrmblr 21

I have a feeling the money goes toward a Steam account...

Lebeaugars95 20

He saw the opportunity and he went for it

It's very clever.

pfft, he honestly doesn't know how to pick his marks, with the right acting photo's are never an issue.

But dressing cute and taking pictures is the best part.

#38, your profile picture is VERY fitting for that comment.

That is actually the best strategy ever...

...and it's very innovative and most probably he will have some sort of success. I like his way of thinking.

That was him!? I feel like such an idiot!

That's actually pretty smart xD

I'd do that if I didn't have an over active conscious.

Same here. Small world, isn't it?

No can resist. *conscience

drumaddict33 12

you mean conscience

thats amazing, he should watch priscilla queen of the desert for the next step

At least he isn't using pics of you to do it

That's actually a really good point...

Yeah and that's only because he's got a better ass

It is also a very good idea. Huehuehue.

Strange- but, effective.