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Today, my boyfriend was showing me photos on his iPod when he came across a photo of a half-naked girl. He tried to play it off by quickly changing it, only to reveal even more half-naked girls. FML
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KVKdragon 26

He should really do some photo filtering once a month. I always do that to get rid of potentially embarrassing or unnecessary photos (not that I have photos of this nature or anything) :P

Excuse me? I am? There's something I didn't know about myself.


KVKdragon 26

He should really do some photo filtering once a month. I always do that to get rid of potentially embarrassing or unnecessary photos (not that I have photos of this nature or anything) :P

intelliDude 7
nelds 12

If you have a smartphone download a secret folder for those type of photos, it has a password so only you can get access to it. No one will see :P

68, but If you do that they'll ask "why do you have a locked folder" Especially if it's parents asking. Had it happen to me once. Awkward as...

SystemofaBlink41 27

85- I once said that it was because I kept codes that sped up my phone..

A good excuse for a locked folder is that they are part of a photo project you are making as a gift and you will show them later. If they remember to bug you about it again, just bs some stuff on photoshop, show them that, and keep the locked folder "in case you want to do another one".

duma191 21

i just keep mine in a separate file on my phone. it works, not because I want to hide it, but because it sucks when people see them.

At least they weren't completely naked.... ( I sure hope he didn't continue scrolling or this probably would have ended bad).

Hmm, nah, I think they lived happily ever after with Cinderella and the seven dwarfs. Of course it ended badly dipshit.

Well let him know how you feel about it, maybe he'll stop. Communication might be key here haha

That sucks OP. At least you found out now before it's too late. FYL.

Breaking up with a guy because he possesses ****. Never heard a better idea.

Emma Marshall 19

There's ****.... and then there's photos of naked girls you've been talking to. Completely different.

Wow. He dug his hole deeper. Epic fail on his part.

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kut17 11

I can just save it in my mind and think about it every time I see your face. You see how hypocritical your statement was?

desireev 17

Sorry, ma'am... But to say a man who likes to look at half naked women is a pig is just silly! If a woman loves her man and she is secure enough with herself, then she isn't going to call her man a pig for liking naked women. I'm just saying... If my man didn't like to look at women, I'd be a little worried! He can look all he wants to, as long as I'm the only one he acts upon!

He's a pig if he isn't honest. If I watched ****, my girlfriend would know. I mean, I know that she does, and I don't care. I would care, however, if she hid it from me, for two reasons: firstly, and most importantly, because honesty is vital in a committed relationship; and secondly, knowing what she's watching allows me to indulge her interests and desires. Seriously, it's not that hard to say something or even just hint at it.

desireev 17

Firstly, some people don't know how to tell their significant other. And most are too embarrassed to tell! Secondly, it is human to have needs and to need self satisfaction! It's a natural instinct, for crying out loud! I don't know why people freak out about these things! In my opinion, it's selfish to want to cut in on ones privacy like that! I understand that people need to be honest in a committed relationship, but come on! Everybody needs their privacy! And it's selfish to want to cut in on that! In a committed relationship, two people share everything! Watching **** and taking a shit are just about the only two things one gets all to themselves! (Or SHOULD get to themselves!) It's extremely selfish to want to take that from somebody!!!

Actually, she has many valid points that if she doesn't emphasize with exclamation marks, no one will listen. She is much more mature than the people who are calling him a pig. Welcome to reality people!!!!!!!

28: It's not like I plonk down beside her and go "so what are we watching?" I don't "intrude" on any private time. She just doesn't hide stupid things from me and act like they're a big deal. If someone I'm dating cant be honest about something tonnes of people do, I can't date them. What's next, saying you don't poop?

Uhh, I didn't say I'm against ****. A real boyfriend wouldn't save shit on his phone. **** is just for the heat of the moment... To be creative or turn you on so you can handle your business. Once it's over, move on. A pig is someone who's attached and would tap anything that walks.

Okay I understand that you should be honest in a relationship but really, do you HAVE to tell the person you're with that you watch ****? Like girls already know that guys do watch it but do we have to tell you guys? I understand that if he/she asks you if you do then you should be honest but I wouldn't expect the person to just randomly say "oh yeah I wath **** by the way." If the topic of watching it never cones up then don't expect the person to just tell you they do.

112 - yeah no. Not everyone has a laptop or something in their bedroom. What my boyfriend has available in his bedroom is a PS2 or his cell phone. His desktop is in the living room where his gramma watches evangelical broadcasting. His only option for having fap material (aside from going to buy magazines from a shop downtown) is whatever he can upload to his shitty flip phone when no one else is in the living room. If I did go through his photos (I don't, but y'know, if I did) I wouldn't be surprised if they were all half-naked/all-naked chicks. Srsly guise. Tl;dr: You're being ridiculous. Go back to your corner.

It is sort of weird that he had them saved on his phone, but if they're just strangers I wouldn't mind too much. If they're previous exes, then no.

The universe makes sense now. I have been enlightened.

BunchieRules 31

18 - I think he's on to something. Please, tell us more!

olpally 32

Your boyfriend could be quagmire, can't trust this guy... He maybe throwing his hotdog down several hallways... You better talk this out with him.

murphdarkly 13

Guys have **** on their computers n their phones as long as they are nudes from the net don't worry