By BaggedDown - United States - Rochester

Suitcase mystery

  Today, I retrieved the wrong luggage from an airport carousel. I'm now the owner of two water-bras, a false beard, a bag of cat litter, and some anal beads. I'm afraid to get in touch with the original owner. FML
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  CandyPewPewPew  |  29

The last time I put a ribbon and tag on my luggage, they got stolen. My luggage's lock had scratches, and handles were broken, obviously someone tried to force open my luggage but failed. It was a brand new luggage. I reported to the airline, but they said it's not of their business. It's a famous budget airline, I shall not name it out.

  morella_xx  |  29

#33 is right, the TSA breaks locks (or tries to, as may be the case here) all the time. You're supposed to use a "TSA-approved" lock that they can open easily, but that kind of defeats the purpose of securing your luggage in the first place.

  niallo  |  23

If TSA want in your bag, they'll get in. They won't even try to hid it. My sister in law borrowed my luggage. I told her not to put a lock on it. She did. TSA twisted the lock off, ripping off the zipper tags (they don't waste their time picking locks,they destroy them). That's why they tell you not to do that.
And those TSA approved locks are really to prevent opportunistic theft. So go ahead and use them.