By Stumanji - 29/12/2009 11:42 - United States

Today, I found out my reward for topping three of the four employee performance charts was a paycut. FML
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Is the OP implying that his colleagues didn't get a pay cut and he was the only one who did because he performed well?


That sux, but at this point you have to bust your behind just to keep your job.

How so? There's certainly not enough information in the OP to make that determination.

Yarrachel 16

This is fake. I'm this guy's boss and the reason he got a paycut was because he showed up five hours late while drunk.

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what are you doing on FML at 2:30 during the work day?

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Hahaha I always feared if I posted something about work they would see it

oooo that sucks. people are cutting heads starting with the high paid salaries i've seen it happen at my company... scary , sorry bout that fyl

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Doubt this is real, but if it is, quit. They obviously dont appreciate you there so find something else.

Yeah, just quit. Let those bills pay themselves until you find a new job spinning golden cotton candy in Fantasyland.

Yarrachel 16

That's where I work. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

Really #7, spoken like some one who does not have to support yourself.

So you work at whatever the poster works at and this "Fantasy Land"?

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ohhh dat suxx which chart did u top?? was it "attitude"?? lyk #10 said?? jk well sorry but fyl

Feel fortunate you still have a job. A lot of people don't nowadays.