By Anonymous - 03/08/2014 17:36 - Sweden - Kristianstad

Today, while I was waiting for the train, a woman sat next to me. Her dog jumped up between us and I started petting it. She took this to mean we were now close enough for her to tell me in detail about her experience so far going through the menopause. FML
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I guess you have a personable appearance? That's a plus!

Don't you just love public transport?

Learning something new every single day!

I'm not sure how to feel about this pun.

#13: I'm not sure how to feel about your reply to this pun.

@14 I don't know how to feel about you not knowing how to feel about how I feel about this pun. And to 15; that was uncalled for.

#13, #14, #15 - are you guys sure y'all are not going through menopause too?

tehdarkness 21

Ok, this pun was actually good. Kudos!

I don't know why you are pointing out menopause... It's spelled correctly.

#7 The spelling wasn't the point. The point was the use of the word "the" which made absolutely no sense.

You completely missed the point. When you go through menopause, you don't call it "the menopause" just like when you're on your period, you don't call it "the period".

PotatoPal 11

...what does menopause have to do with urine?

crazytwinsmom 25

You have to pee frequently.

Were you able to get away from her?

Nope. She was over OP's shoulder when this FML was being posted.