By Anonymous - 04/11/2010 21:44 - United States

Today, I came home to find my younger daughter left her silly band collection on the carpet in front of the fireplace. I now have melted unicorns and princesses stuck in my carpet. FML
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Watch that become the next big thing in the carpet industry: The Silly Band Carpet, only available from Empire Today!

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in da hood we wear dem getto silly bands tht only look like circles


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^^ but I hate when some people wear millions of them on their arms! it's ugly looking

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in da hood we wear dem getto silly bands tht only look like circles

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they made $80 million this year! O.O

silly bands are stupid and trendy, like 10 years ago ppl would be like WTF?!

@60, and it only cost $3.50 to make all of them. That's a way to turn a profit.

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Well on the bright side you have a nice array of stationary ****** to select from :D

Silly bands are retarded as ****. Wish I had came up with them though...

silly bands are basicly a genuise invention. but the snuggie.and pet rock.

I wear a purple magic wand and purple dinosaur(; but I have alot... somewhere.

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wearing tons of em is stupid. I just always wear this one extremely awesome red dinosaur I found!! :D

one silly band = retarded = tons of silly bands

Pet rocks are legit. Silly bands are stupid. Get your facts straight.

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silly bands are cool for grade school. That's it.

your saying it like a bad thing OP...?

silly bands are so stupid and useless -_- they're only a rubberbands with a shape, wth

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LMAO. When I saw that they were just animal shaped rubber bands I was like "I thought they were supposed to just be circles..."

SILLY BANDS ARE RACIST!!! No, but srsly. WTH is the point of Silly Bands??

I wonder if OP has tile around their fireplace to keep her carpet from melting. If she doesn't, why not? And if she does, why would the silly bands melt?

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Today I was playing infront of my moms fire place when I heard her coming back from work. a minute later I heard her screaming only to find out that there were melted silly bands in the carpet. She never bought me any..only my older sister has them. FML


This would be a super FML if: -OP lived in a third world country where she had to scrub the carpet by hand. -OP had a spinal problem.

You really wouldn't be able to get out melted objects from a carpet other than by hand... in fact you'd probably have to replace that section entirely.


@88, What? :0 Wow, with today's technology one would expect some kind of gadget so you wouldn't have to use your bare hands. I stand corrected. :[

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Watch that become the next big thing in the carpet industry: The Silly Band Carpet, only available from Empire Today!

just remember the phone number for Empire 588-2300 :)

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1-800-588-2300, EMPIRE!, today.

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Hahaaa that sucks, though it's one more reason for my case against them. Could a carpet-cleaning take care of it?

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ur disgusting plus even if they do they will get lots of complaints and they'll stop selling the penis silly bandz but still kool

Wh...wh...what? This make no sense without punctuation. Then again, I'm not sure it would me sense WITH punctuation either.

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My friend has one. Its supposed to be some kind of gun but it looks like a penis

I'm willing to bet they probably do make some form of penis shaped silly bands in sex toy shops. It would make sense since they pretty much sell penis shaped everything else for bachelorette parties and such.

Spencers sells them.. although obviously its an off brand of "silly bandz" but they are impossible to tell the difference.

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Spencer's makes penis shaped everything.

Ew but yes, they make penis silly bands at Spencers. I'm 25 and wear 4 bug-shaped ones that my daughter gave me. :)

if you get the alphabet pack, the letter T kinda looks like a penis (: lol

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silly bandz r controlling the world !!!

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Ah! Silly bands are awesomeeee! I once had a unicorn one. He glowed in the dark. Which made him my most prized possesion. That is, until he broke. : Gr, OP, I dislike you for bringing up these terrible memories!!