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  bamagrl410  |  31

LMAO. When I saw that they were just animal shaped rubber bands I was like "I thought they were supposed to just be circles..."

  ginger467  |  2

I wonder if OP has tile around their fireplace to keep her carpet from melting. If she doesn't, why not? And if she does, why would the silly bands melt?

  valri3  |  0

Today I was playing infront of my moms fire place when I heard her coming back from work. a minute later I heard her screaming only to find out that there were melted silly bands in the carpet. She never bought me any..only my older sister has them. FML

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

I'm willing to bet they probably do make some form of penis shaped silly bands in sex toy shops. It would make sense since they pretty much sell penis shaped everything else for bachelorette parties and such.

By  KylaaKatastrophe  |  0

Ah! Silly bands are awesomeeee! I once had a unicorn one. He glowed in the dark. Which made him my most prized possesion. That is, until he broke. :

Gr, OP, I dislike you for bringing up these terrible memories!!