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By being a fairy is hard - 28/10/2021 08:00

Today, my daughter lost a tooth. I wanted to make the Tooth Fairy experience extra special, so I dipped her doll's feet in paint to leave “tracks” from the window to her bed. As I was adding the finishing touches and spreading glitter, I tripped on a toy, faceplanted and lost my own tooth. FML
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Put it under your pillow...

That's karma for going to such lengths to deceive your kid.


That's karma for going to such lengths to deceive your kid.

Put it under your pillow...

Still not as painful as stepping on a damn lego in the dark.

When my daughter lost a tooth I told her about the tooth fairy and told her to put it away until bedtime. But she kept getting it back out. She eventually lost it. I told her we’d draw a picture of a tooth and put it under her pillow - Which we did. Later that evening I carefully drew a picture of a quarter (this was a long time ago), and swapped it for the picture of the tooth. The next morning she came to me with such a sad expression showing me the picture of the quarter. I then traded her a real quarter for the picture. Hopefully she learned from this to be more careful and not to lose things that she expected to trade for something valuable. As for me, I thought I had been clever under the circumstances. Eventually I came to struggle a bit more with the concept of what I was doing reinforcing the legends of the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. I still think it’s a trade off - take part in some of the rituals of childhood and parenting in our society or to be strictly honest. I think there is room for both to a degree but that answering children’s questions as honestly as they can understand is the most important thing. If you lied to them when they were young, how are they to believe you when they are older.

you reap.what you sow. a lesson lived is a lesson learned