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  Ajjas013  |  6

Maybe a tribal ritual. IF she dances around the ashes of your house.

  nazooer  |  11

Yeah, because she couldn't have seen it at a friends house, right? It had to be at their house on their computer, right? God, be a little more open minded smart ass.

  lolwatlol  |  0

They are not blaming the internet, they are blaming the retarded parents that shouldnt breed.
Now, if you all excuse me I'll go upload a youtube vid where I "cut" my wrist using some effects and then tell kids how cool it is.
Let natural selection do its magic

  dacho  |  7

Same goes to you, smartass. I wasn't referring to watching the video. What I meant is, if OP taught the kid right, the kid wouldn't have thrown the can. You know, teaching your kids what's dangerous and what's not is kind of being a parent, don't you think? I suppose you're one of those geniuses that blame TV and violent video games for all the crimes and stuff.

EDIT: See how #42 got it right.

  jess_seventy  |  0

Well now, this is what i think:
1) You can now say that you survived an explosion.
2) You're kid now knows that throwing hairspray into fire is not the best idea.
3) You got to witness an explosion, for God's sake!

That's pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself, my incredibly negative friends.

  ActionManly  |  11

You guys suck, we don't know how old the kid was, so they could've been four or three, and a four year old can hardly be accounted for their actions. Plus, with the internet and massive access to information, it's pretty much impossible to regulate what your kids watch unless your with then 24/7, so yes, this is an FML.


#55: It's "Your". You wouldn't say "You are kid..."
and 64: If I had a 3 or 4 year old, they would NEVER be on the computer that has internet alone. Have a password on the computer so they need you to let them on, thus informing you that they are on the computer. (and 64, it's "you're with them 24/7")

By  wet11  |  2

Today I decided to do the experiment I saw on Youtube and threw the hairspray. It went boom!!!! My mother grounded me for a month cleaning up the mess and not seeing my friends FML

By  noshitsherlock  |  0

Your life is fucked because your kid is a fucking dumbass. I saw "2 girls 1 cup" but I will NOT re-enact that because I have a brain, much unlike your stupid kid. Yeah, let's copy shit we see on the internet!!!!

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

You've got to be kidding me. Seriously? She is four fucking years old!! How the hell is she supposed to know! I'm actually surprised you have the brains the find this website. She is not a "fucking dumbass" she is a child. Not unlike you. It is fail parenting because 4 year olds should be on the internet. #9, I seriously hope you are a troll otherwise I have lost all faith in humanity. (Actually I may already have lost faith when I heard a 16 year old in my spanish class ask us what 900 + 100 was. She wasn't joking.)

  minicooper01  |  0

I just went and created an account to inform you how much of an idiot you are. It doesn't say ANYWHERE that the kid is 4 years old. Get your facts right before you start accusing people of being "trolls" and "brainless".

  diablonegro  |  0

lolwatlol,personally,i think sunkissed 18 has got it right. Think about it,how many grown up women go to xtremes just to look like what they see on TV? How many grown up men take steroids just to look buffed like actors? If even us adults lack the common sense not to immitate what we see on TV,can you really expect a child not to? Clearly,it just shows your understanding of the real world,and how ignorant you are.

  blkwhtrbbt  |  0

you seem convinced that your own genetics are worthy. I hope for your sake that you are soon disillusioned. Self-righteous and hateful people are a deadlier race than any idiot or retard ever born.