By nakedweddingday - United States - Long Beach
Today, I came home from work to find white fabric and crystals all over the apartment floor. I followed the trail of destruction to my bedroom, where my roommate had left our closet door open. Apparently, her cats decided that my wedding gown was to be their newest conquest. FML
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  niallo  |  23

I doubt it would cover cat damage. It's normally for fire damage or theft.
If cat damage counted, people would be destroying stuff all over the place.


Because cats are satan spawn. They walk the earth to fulfill his doings. Op, just get a dog, it may shit on the floor and chew the occasional shoe, but they don't have the look of sheer evil in their eyes.

By  deet124  |  10

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  SumBur  |  11

I just love the fact this guy gets down voted when he mentions animal abuse and people get so butt hurt, but on the post about the mother tripping the child and people joked about 'yay for hurting a child' they got all the up votes.

  ZeroPath5  |  16

Difference is animal abuse is wrong, they teach you that stuff in kindergarten, but sometimes little kids need to get hit once in a while, especially if they're running frantically in a supermarket.

  animejen1988  |  9

There's a difference between punishment and abuse. Punishment is absolutely okay, and I think the kid being tripped could be seen as a form of punishment to teach him/her that it's dangerous to run in public places (and annoying). If the kid was actually seriously injured, that would be a different story. Abuse, on the other hand, is NEVER okay. Unfortunately, cats aren't going to learn from punishment, but abuse isn't going to do any good either.


You're a real idiot... There is no "valid reason" to abusing an animal. Hell, there's no valid reason to doing any form of abuse to anything. It's just completely wrong. And you, sir, are messed in the head to believe animal abuse is "acceptable" with a "valid reason".

  Queensland  |  27

Probably a lot of reasons, the house doesn't have 2 wardrobes, her wardrobe doesn't have doors, room mate's wardrobe was bigger for the gown.... Use your imagination!


Maybe it's a massive wardrobe, or they share a room. I'm never sure when people say roommate whether they mean literally that they share a room, or if they just live in the same house. They seem to be used interchangeably.